Rox Win NL Pennant!!!

The Colorado Rockies secured the National League pennant tonight … when did you ever think you’d hear these words? And after winning 21 of 22 games? Uncharted territory in Major League Baseball. W… O… W! Matt Holliday is chosen Series MVP, but it could just as well have been one of many others wearing the purple uniform. And how could you be anything but genuinely happy for Todd Helton?
Simply un-be-lie-va-ble. I’m in baseball heaven now.

October 14, 2006: My Detroit Tigers won 7 straight to claim the American League pennant, the franchise’s first in 22 years.

October 15, 2007: My Colorado Rockies won 7 straight to claim the National League pennant, the franchise’s first in its 15-season history.

Like last year’s Tigers, this year’s Rox face a long layoff headed into the World Series. Whether the opponent ends up being the Tribe or the BoSox, here’s hoping that the same hangover effect doesn’t apply.

ESPN and the like have had a hard time figuring out who these Colorado Rockies are, this true TEAM of champions. Well, pretty soon, they’ll all find out.

GO ROCKIES!!! (Also check out Michael’s live-blogging 9th inning celebration.)

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