Push for Coercive Big Labor Bill Falters on Cloture Vote

No surprises here, but definitely good news. HR 800, also very poorly known as the Employee Free Choice Act, couldn’t pass the cloture vote test today in the U.S. Senate. The final tally was 51-48, on a nearly strict party-line ballot. Only Arlen Specter jumped the Republican ship to join the Democrats’ effort to reward union leaders with special privileges by denying workers the right to a secret ballot. Workers have the right to choose to join OR not to join a union, and they deserve to keep the right to a secret ballot to make that decision.

To learn more, you can also listen to a new iVoices podcast I hosted with Ryan Ellis from Americans for Tax Reform (go here for a direct link to the MP3). The bill hasn’t gone away forever, and probably not for too long. Big Labor has come to believe that it needs special coercive perks to remain relevant politically and economically. And with the Democratic National Convention coming to our backyard next summer, they’re especially interested in flexing muscle here in Colorado.

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