Lefty Lemmings Need to Read Before They Launch Attacks

Demonstrating quite a bit of ironic ignorance, the diarist “Go Blue” and commenters at the Dead Governors site latch onto an unsubstantiated attack against former state senator and state treasurer Mark Hillman, using hollow ammunition provided by the Lefties at the Bell Policy Center.

As explained yesterday, Hillman co-wrote a report for the Independence Institute on the difference between the promises made in the Referendum C campaign and the promises delivered in state spending. The Bell then released a quick press release ignoring the substance of the report and decrying the analysis as “simplistic,” as well as a preliminary research summary that projects FUTURE revenue and spending.

Yet pushing along the herd of lemmings, the diarist “Go Blue” ignores the fact that NOTHING in the Bell analysis refutes what Hillman wrote (they’re talking about two different things) and recycles the Bell’s rhetoric. In a feat of great irony, the diarist then attacks Hillman for his apparent ignorance (because he read a Bell press release, after all, guys … c’mon!):

We are all aware that many opportunistic politicians will push aside their social norms, moral values, and to even some exint their political beliefs for political gain. But has anyone ever heard of a politician neglecting basic math skills, especially one that was the State Treasurer, to continue wagging their finger in a debate already lost? This is worse than hard headed. It’s a slap in the face to voters.

The more I see Colorado Lefties unwilling to have a serious discussion and dialogue about these fiscal issues – forget the facts, they have high moral certitude on their side – the more confident I am they are on the wrong side of the issue.

Hillman’s report used a “simple” analysis of the state budget (he understands it a lot better than you do, Dead Guvs diarist, and had to write about it in a way you might be able to understand) to demonstrate where promised Ref C dollars have actually gone. It’s only “simplistic” if you think it doesn’t matter that politicians and interest groups spent millions of dollars misleading Coloradans in 2005 concerning the use of their increased tax revenues. Because that’s all the brief report said.

Word of caution to the Left: it can be dangerous and foolish to impose your preconceptions on a piece of writing you apparently haven’t even bothered to look at. Go do your homework first.

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