Irrational Faith of Colorado Nutroots Continues to Amuse

It’s funny to watch the Colorado Nutroots (I don’t need to link to them – you can find them by going to Blog Net News) erupt into spontaneous glee with glib “I-told-you-so’s” to anyone who doesn’t believe in the perfecting power of the ever-expanding sphere of government, at the release of this report (large PDF). Of course, I haven’t even seen any of them actually link to the report, just to articles that mention the report and its apparently bleak picture of Colorado. (Hint: The report says our state doesn’t spend as much as other states in some areas. Egads! It must be the death knell of civilization here in the Centennial State.)

Critical analysis? Don’t expect any from the secular statist fundamentalist crowd. They’ve found their Holy Grail that confirms their preconceptions – in the form of a highly selective and misleading report produced by a group with a liberal, government-growth agenda. The more the state spends other people’s money on social welfare programs, the more their own consciences are assuaged.

I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous: their blind, self-congratulatory faith in the selective, derivative findings of a report that’s light on logic and analysis, or their attempted caricatures of their political opponents as anarchists. It’s very funny to read the rantings of someone who believes in the unending growth of government and in the unlimited potential of government to solve all the world’s problems suggest that those who wish for reasonable restraints on the growth of government – like myself – have no coherent philosophy of government but just wish to see it all abolished and destroyed.

My friends, the Left in Colorado is growing desperate and increasingly irrational. They blindly accept a report written by their ideological allies that shares their premises. Come to this site for a critical analysis of the report. And hopefully others will offer their critical analyses, as well. Then we may see a little bit more independent thinking taking place.

Sigh. Oh, let me dream a bit, will you? There is hope for a reasonable debate, don’t you think? Of course, someone in the Nutroots has to have a reasoned viewpoint.

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