Iron Shrink to Debunk Anti-Conservative Studies on Rosen Show

Ever been told that your conservative views are a result of stupidity, emotional insecurity, or a defective upbringing? Ever seen such puerile claims shrouded in scholarly robes to give them an aura of credibility?

Then you should read the well-reasoned responses of Colorado’s own Iron Shrink (here and here) to some recent “academic” studies that appear to be guilty of one of the worst sins in the liberal PC pantheon: stereotyping. You also will want to listen to the Iron Shrink (aka Shawn Smith) during his guest appearance during the 10 AM hour of Thursday’s edition of the Mike Rosen Show.

Memo to those on the Left: I hope you don’t take these studies too seriously. After all, I believe some of you can have intelligent debates with those with whom you disagree, and may actually be persuaded on some points. Don’t worry. Should you find yourself beginning to feel agreement with one or more ideas generally deemed conservative, it’s probably not a sign that you need to seek psychological intervention. (Unless perhaps he’s the Iron Shrink.)


  1. gary says

    Thanks for posting articles about legislative action on school choice. Keep it up. I’m not reading my paper carefully enough, because I had missed these articles.

    I am highly skeptical of meaningful positive change coming out of the legislature, esp. the current legislature. We have been hearing education “reform” for 40 years, but by nearly every measurable standard, American students are falling behind other western-country students. What is the charter school movement and home school movement but simply telling gov’t to “leave us alone.” What education needs is to be free from gov’t ownership and mandate, not “reform.” Movement toward vouchers is positive change within the gov’t system, but the ultimate goal should be to get all education out of the gov’t system. A little freedom is a dangerous thing, because people then want more freedom. Hopefully this will prove true in government education.

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