“Impeach Cheney” Moonbat Alert for Denver

If you’re driving through downtown Denver this afternoon, watch out for the “Impeach Cheney” Moonbats:

According to an article in todays Denver Post, Vice President Cheney is coming to downtown Denver on Thursday at approximately 5:00 pm for a “quick hit fundraiser for the state Republican Party”.

We are having an Impeachment and Stop The War Now Rally to honor him and You are invited to join in the fun.

Cheney will be coming to the offices of Benson Mineral Group at 1560-Broadway #1900 in downtown Denver, on East side of Broadway (this is the building the Denver Post used to be in, and is NE across from the new Post building).

Our goal is to have enough protesters to have our primary group at the intersection of 16th Ave Mall and Broadway(1), also a group at Colfax & Broadway(2), another at Colfax & Lincoln(3), another at Lincoln and 16th Ave(4), in that order, please. We’d like 3-4 people at the 2nd thru 4th locations and most others at the (1) location. Thanks. We expect Cheney to enter through the 16th Ave entrance, the steps on Lincoln or possibly in the RTD turnaround entrance. Stay away from him. We can make our point without getting close.

You can coordinate with me at 720-384-7084 (leave message if line tied up).

We should all meet sometime after 4:30 pm at Broadway & 16th Ave (East end of Mall) and then move wherever needed. I will be there at 4:15 with lots of signs. Just show up. It will be fun!!!!

SIGNS: Impeach and Anti-War, Anti-Bush/Cheney, etc are very welcome. We have signs for approximately 45-50 people or you may bring your own.

Stay out of the Mall except for the side walk along Broadway. Please do not try to get too close to the building at 1560 Broadway, stay out of the building, try to stay on the sidewalk, next to the road, yield to all pedestrians, defer in a respectful way to all police and Secret Service, do what they tell you to do, but get their name and tell me what they tell you, please.

Smile and wave, it works. And yelling Honk to Impeach at cars with a window open helps too, do while cupping your ear as if waiting for the honk, and then raising your hand palm up (to get them to increase the volume) also helps. This is a HONK TO IMPEACH event.

Wear something Orange if you have it. Orange is the color selected by the major national activist groups as the Color of Resistance to the Administration, the Color to use to tie all our efforts together, the COLOR OF THE IMPEACHMENT MOVEMENT. We have lots of Orange Signs.

We may have some Orange Colorado Impeach Coalition T-Shirts with us that you can put over what ever you are wearing ($20 donation appreciated goes to buying sign and banner materials for impeach events). We’ve held over 60 Impeach To Stop The War events since the first of the year.

Hope we see you there. It is for a good cause, you know the Impeachment of Cheney by Rep. Kucinch (H Res 333)

At least in this part of the Rocky Mountain West we have the semblance of an effort to maintain a law-abiding, respectful approach to Moonbattery.

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