Gov. Ritter, Please Leave Partisan Politics out of Rocktober

A classic proof of “correlation does not equal causation”: our Democrat Gov. Bill Ritter injects partisan politics into America’s game with an off-the-wall comment about how seven of the eight 2007 Major League Baseball playoff teams hail from states with Democrat governors. Did Ritter stumble while trying to make a point with this assessment, or was it just an attempt at a joke that has fallen flat?

Who obsesses over partisan politics so much that they not only have to figure out which party is in power in states where professional baseball playoff teams hail from, but also have to proclaim it to the media? To the governor and his staffers: just sit back and enjoy the games. Not everything is about partisan politics.

Meanwhile, shining a light on the absurdity of Ritter’s remarks, a shrewd Cubs fan went ahead and applied the partisan template to the past year’s championships in major pro and college sports, and found our governor struck out swinging in his off-the-wall observation.

Please, Mr. Governor, let baseball be baseball. Don’t pour water on our state’s shared Rocktober celebration.

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