Eyes Turning to Fred Thompson – Including Colorado Eyes

As the long race for the White House rolls on, many conservatives find themselves “all agog over Thompson,” writes U.S. News and World Report‘s Kenneth Walsh. His candidacy not yet officially declared, the former U.S. Senator and recognizable actor finds himself at or near the top of most polls among the Republican field.

Providing some of the best evidence that Fred Thompson may be the real deal, Politico reports that the Democratic National Committee is using attacks on him to generate fundraising more than a year before the Conventions confirm either party’s nominee:

Democratic strategists say Thompson’s populist style and show-biz allure could prove extremely appealing in a general election at a time when voters are so down on Washington. So the party has launched a preemptive campaign against him that includes a DNC fundraising e-mail branding Thompson, “The inside-outsider.”

“Remember the Republican culture of corruption?” the letter asks. “The revolving door of Republican politicians moving in and out of top political offices and Washington, D.C., lobbying firms? That’s Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson. For years, acting wasn’t the ‘Law & Order’ star’s profession — it was a hobby. In the real world, Thompson has made a fortune in a decades-long career as a Washington lobbyist. And just this month, as part of his role as the ultimate Washington insider, Thompson offered to host yet another fundraising event for Scooter Libby’s legal defense fund. Thompson has been vocal in his support of Libby, saying that he would ‘absolutely’ pardon him. As he runs for president, he’ll try his hardest to hide the truth from the American people. And we need to stop him. Support our efforts to get the truth out about Fred Thompson.”

Meanwhile, the local grassroots campaign is picking up steam, thanks in part to the prolific blogging over at Colorado for Thompson. As far as Mount Virtus is concerned, it’s way too early to cast my lot with any one of the GOP’s primary candidates. Nevertheless, I am watching Thompson very closely. If a pollster called or the caucuses were held today, I would most likely vote for Fred. But there’s still plenty I need to see.

Conservatives in Colorado and nationwide need a strong conservative presidential candidate who can beat Hillary. Enough said.

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