Don’t Stop the Presses: House Ed Dems Vote for Tax Increase

Colorado’s liberal, out-of-touch House Education Committee has just voted to approve the governor’s amendment to the School Finance Act that would raise taxes for most property owners in the state. The vote passed on an 8-5 party line vote, with all Democrats lining up to raid taxpayer pockets.

By listening to much of the testimony, you would think that school revenues in Colorado are running dry. Nothing could be further from the truth. And whenever other possibilities for raising funds for education have been introduced, the Democrats resist – unable to dream of doing anything but hiking property taxes.

The dirty little not-so-secret? The property tax increase advertised for the “children” is being used so the state government can spend even more money on budget areas outside K-12 education. The Referendum C tax increase of 2005 just wasn’t enough with the Democrats in charge. What a voracious appetite the governor and legislative majority has for your money!

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