Colorado Democrat Partisanship

Michael at Best Destiny made a great catch today, courtesy of Captain Ed, about the more pronounced partisanship of Colorado’s Democrat Congressional delegation. Almost 96 percent of the time, the quartet of Diana DeGette, Mark Udall, Ed Perlmutter, and John Salazar vote along with Nancy Pelosi.

As Michael points out, Bob Schaffer needs to trumpet the notable statistic that Boulder liberal Udall has earned his moniker by voting party line 95.1 percent of the time. Put precisely, Udall is 95.1 percent Pelosi pure.

Of course, liberal elite orthodoxy has tried to teach us that only Republicans can be “partisan.” Voting with the Democrat agenda makes them “bipartisan.” This implied double standard in the world of politics has been around as long as I’ve been an observer. But numbers don’t lie: Colorado Democrat members of Congress (along with most of their party colleagues) are much more in lockstep with their national party leadership than their Republican counterparts are.

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