10 Straight Wins – Go Rox!

Colorado baseball fans have stood up and taken notice at the amazing, unexpected run made by our Rockies down the regular season homestretch. Ten straight wins in September? Coming back from the brink to the thick of playoff contention? One game back in the wildcard with a chance to win the NL West Division? It’s a feel-good story for a young ball club that is gelling a season sooner than this amateur pundit expected. Clutch hitting, quality starts and fine work from the bullpen have anchored this underdog team.

Michael, a fan with a longer history of Rockies loyalty than myself (Colorado is my favorite National League squad, but all bets are off when they face my Detroit Tigers), has blogged his enthusiasm. Now I’m just waiting for Jared to chime in, but maybe he’s trying to avoid some sort of jinx (in which case, it’s all right if you wait ’till say, Sunday).

Will Coors Field be sold out for this weekend’s huge series against the Diamondbacks? I sure hope so. Go Rockies!

(For now, we won’t worry about the mind-boggling possibilities for endless playoff tiebreakers that could await the National League contenders next week.)

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