Harsanyi to Hawk Book at Tattered Cover Tomorrow

Everybody's favorite libertarian columnist at the Denver Post, David Harsanyi, is unveiling his long-awaited book Nanny State at an event tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at the Denver LoDo Tattered Cover store. The 300-page skewering of "food fascists, teetotaling do-gooders, priggish moralists, and other boneheaded bureaucrats" should be a provocative, page-turning read - sure to tick off people from across the political spectrum (for me, it would be any pro-Yankee stories). If you're in the Denver area and looking for something to do tomorrow evening, why not stop in the Tattered Cover, say hey to David, and maybe pick up a copy or two of Nanny State? … [Read more...]

Rocky Mtn News: Thumbs Up to Ask First and Good Government

For your edification, in case you missed it, a great lead editorial from the Rocky today: Somewhat surprisingly, "paycheck protection" is back. And it's encouraging to see that even with a union-friendly governor and a Democratic legislature, this time the campaign could have lasting consequences. Attempts to end the automatic deduction of union dues from paychecks without the prior consent of individual employees have generally gone nowhere. Legislation has failed. So have proposed ballot initiatives. The only paycheck protection measure that had any impact on automatic dues deductions - a 2001 executive order from Gov. Bill Owens that covered state employees - was rescinded by Gov. Bill Ritter this year. The latest foray, however, … [Read more...]

For Rent to DNC Delegates?

Today the Rocky Mountain News runs a story about metro-Denver area residents advertising their apartments or homes for rent during next year's Democratic National Convention, and the outrageous prices they're demanding: Toby was one of 61 people in the Denver area with ads posted on Craigslist as of Wednesday, offering up their homes or apartments for rent during the week of the convention. Prices ranged from $1,200 for a one-bedroom Capitol Hill apartment, up to $50,000 for a two-bedroom historic loft in LoDo. Sure, you could try to stay in one of the 17,000 rooms the Democratic National Convention Committee has blocked off for the 35,000 people expected to flock to the convention. But wouldn't you prefer a little more room to … [Read more...]

Please Speak Plainly, Gov. Ritter

Consider this post a plea for Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter (D) to pick a side of his mouth to speak out of. Echoing today's Rocky Mountain News editorial: Gov. Bill Ritter continues to insist that state employees don't "feel valued," as he said on Mike Rosen's KOA talk show last Thursday, and that a "partnership for the 21st century" is needed to "acknowledge the work of state employees, to take their input, to \[deliver] a better service to taxpayers." Who on earth could oppose any of those objectives? Why wouldn't the public prefer an entrepreneurial state work force that's constantly aiming to improve its performance? And if these are the governor's goals, why doesn't he simply implement them? The self-described "CEO of state … [Read more...]

Happy Constitution Day

Happy 220th Birthday to the U.S. Constitution today. We knew thee well. Today also remains the bloodiest day in U.S. history - the Battle of Antietam, Maryland - a battle that played a crucial role in helping to ensure that our Constitution would better reflect the Founders' ideals as laid out in the Declaration of Independence. What do Americans know about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Civil War? I couldn't bring myself to look for detailed evidence. I'd rather have a happy Constitution Day ... and same to you! … [Read more...]

I Second Rossputin’s Letter to Schaffer’s Would-Be Challenger

Rossputin has written an open letter to Wayne Wolf, the would-be primary challenger to Bob Schaffer for the GOP Senate nomination: While I certainly appreciate the effort (and risk) that a person takes when running for office, especially an office as important as US Senate, I would like to suggest to you that unless your goal is to assist Mark Udall you should pick a different battle than challenging Bob Schaffer. I do not intend to sound unkind, but I truly believe there is no chance you could beat Schaffer. On the other hand, you could cause him to waste time and money that could end up being the difference in a very close general election.... Consider this post a "ditto" to Rossputin's letter (which you can read in full at his … [Read more...]

Democrats Still Not Owning Up to Property Tax Increase

Leading Colorado Democrats still don't seem to understand how property owners paying a higher tax rate constitutes a tax increase, even though the new law signed by Democrat Gov. Bill Ritter will raise $114 million in new tax revenue: But Rep. Jack Pommer, D-Boulder, who sponsored the House version of the school-finance bill, said Gardner doesn't understand how the law works. "It's not a tax increase," he said. " . . . The money that comes from the school district never leaves the school district." He said the money was not going to the state budget and that all the local school districts affected by the law had held a vote to exempt themselves from the TABOR limits to keep the property tax revenues. How else can Democrats justify … [Read more...]

See Free Market Cure, Sept 19

Having written about health care reform a few times in recent months, I would like to bring your attention to a FREE opportunity to see the Colorado premiere of an exciting new film: Free Market Cure by independent filmmaker Stuart Browning. The event is sponsored by the Independence Institute, home of my day job. Details from the press release: The premiere will be on Wednesday, September 19, at the Shwayder in the Mizel Center for Culture and Arts at 350 S. Dahlia Street in Denver. The movies and Browning's commentary will begin at 7 p.m. and will be followed by coffee and dessert. The event is free and open to the public but seating is limited so reservations are requested. Please contact Kay at 303-279-6536 or kay@i2i.org. If you've … [Read more...]


The last time our calendars turned to Tuesday, September 11, a day arrived that America will never forget. We reeled in shock and horror at the immense magnitude of human tragedy and the terrible spectacle of giant symbolic man-made structures toppled into dust. Soon, we would be moved by remarkable acts of heroism and sacrifice - firefighters racing into the stairwells of the Twin Towers, the nameless passengers and crew of United 93. Six years have passed. Except for those whose lives or loved ones were touched directly by the evil al-Qaeda attack, the sting has largely worn off. Our resolve to defend Western Civilization and the American ideal against the Islamofascist ideology of mass murder has waned (look at what is taught in so … [Read more...]

Ritter: Management or Labor?

I'm back (and feeling refreshed) from a weeklong blog vacation. My hope is that I have not lost my entire readership during that brief span. While I was gone, Rocky Mountain News editor Vince Carroll highlighted the illogic behind Democrat Gov. Bill Ritter's attempts to promote state employee unionization: Reminder to Gov. Bill Ritter: You’re in charge. No fooling. So if you want to “strengthen partnerships with snowplow drivers, prison guards and the other men and women who make up the state work force,” as your spokesman says, then by all means, do so. If they’re being overworked or mistreated, then put people in charge who’ll treat them right. If their suggestions and concerns are being ignored, find department heads … [Read more...]