Tuesday Roundup in Colorado

President Bush is in town to speak at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden this morning. In fact, he will be down the street from my workplace. I have to run a work-related errand on my way in – I’ll report later if there is anything to be seen.

Yesterday Governor Bill Owens made his signature the 100,000th on the petition drive for First Class Education, which would make school districts spend 65 percent of their operating budgets in the classroom. This issue looks to be a big winner, especially for the GOP, and the interest groups (including teacher and administrator unions) are in a tizzy.

Finally, in the latest textbook example of why a Democrat statehouse majority is bad for Colorado business, SB066 passed the Senate floor on a party-line vote. The legislation, which now moves to the House for consideration, would require employers to give employees five hours a month to attend their children’s school activities. The heavy-handed mandate will most burden and harm small businesses, who do better in making these arrangements with employees in a way that works for both parties. What other unintended consequences will follow from this Democrat nannyist meddling could be examined further at length. (Time constraints will not allow more analysis at this point.)

Of note is the fact that my Senator Moe Keller (D), who is up for re-election this year, voted along with her party and against the interests of many small business owners in her district. Many will not forget her vote come November.

There is a lot going on in the Centennial State. Look forward to more updates soon.

Update: Earlier this morning I drove past about 30 members of the “No Blood for Oil” brigade holding signs to greet the President’s arrival at the National Renewable Energy Lab. Yawn….

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