Spencer to Allen: Take Your Left-Wing Indoctrination Like a Man

Employing his best attempt at writing a column with adolescent logic, the Denver Post‘s Jim Spencer tells 16-year-old Sean Allen – the Overland High School student who recorded his “geography” teacher Jay Bennish make a diatribe off the deep end of fairness, balance, and reality – that he should have given into peer pressure, sucked it up, and taken his Left-wing indoctrination like a man:

What Allen did violates the unwritten “us-and-them” code of adolescence. You defy authority and adults when you’re a teenager. You don’t suck up to them.

When you’re 16, having middle-aged fogies like Bill Owens or Rush Limbaugh or yours truly sing your praises carries no “street cred” with the “dude, whatever” crowd.

Frankly, there’s a wimp factor in whining to authorities about anything as an adolescent….

For a better take on the story from a Post columnist, read what Al Knight has to say.

Meanwhile, the Rocky Mountain News reports not only that the case with the Cherry Creek School District won’t be wrapped up today (nor likely anytime soon) but also that Bennish’s predisposition to historical ignorance and political hyperbole may be genetically inherited:

“This has been totally lopsided and one-sided,” Bennish’s father said of the coverage of his son’s comments. He said the Fox News Channel’s coverage “reminds me of McCarthyism.”

Let’s see… the trump cards (Hitler, fascism) already have been played in this discussion, and even several “right-wing radio” cards, but this is the first time I’ve seen anyone deal a “McCarthyism” from the deck. I’m just waiting for the revelation that “fundamentalist Christians” are pulling the strings. Maybe it has, and I just missed it.

Editor’s Note: The Spencer column rightly decries any legitimate physical threats made against Allen. The News story mentions alleged death threats made at Bennish and his family members. Any and all such activity is an over-reaction at the least, and certainly disgusting, deplorable, and potentially criminal behavior. This blog will continue to do its tiny part in denouncing this sort of behavior, but also recognizes that such sensational stories often draw wackos out of the woodwork like vultures to carrion. All such incidents should be dealt with appropriately by law enforcement investigators, yet should be kept separate from the story about the classroom recording (which will continue to be discussed logically and civilly here at Mount Virtus).

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