Latest Survey Shows Holtzman Momentum

The latest reliable Rasmussen poll shows momentum is with the Marc Holtzman campaign. Back in February, Rasmussen showed these numbers in matchups between the sole Democrat candidate and his two Republican contenders:

Bill Ritter (D) – 40%
Bob Beauprez (R) – 33%

Bill Ritter (D) – 41%
Marc Holtzman (R) – 28%

The March results show positive movement for the Republicans, while Ritter is stuck standing still:

Bill Ritter (D) – 41%
Bob Beauprez (R) – 40%

Bill Ritter (D) – 41%
Marc Holtzman (R) – 36%

And Rasmussen concludes with this summary:

The rolling average of the last three Rasmussen Reports polls shows Ritter leading Beauprez by 3 percentage points, 40% to 37%. Ritter leads Holtzman in the three-poll average by five percentage points. These figures confirm the tightness of the race at this time. With seven months to go until Election Day and more roughly 20% of Colorado voters undecided, this looks to be a wide open campaign. [emphasis mine]

Beauprez has an insignificant two-point edge over Holtzman in head-to-head matchups with Bill Ritter – and this despite other polling information that shows many more Coloradans have yet to frame an opinion of Holtzman than of Beauprez. So what do these data suggest?

The overwhelming concern I hear among friends and others who support Beauprez is the question of electability. Consider the reliable Rasmussen poll as a piece of evidence to challenge that concern and show that a principled, hard-working Republican candidate with strong fundraising and a clear, positive message can and will keep the statehouse in the party’s hands come November. Marc Holtzman continues to upset the armchair pundits who dismissed his campaign and said it would be dead months ago. On the contrary, his campaign is still building momentum on its way to the State Assembly on May 20 and beyond.

Also in the news, you can tune in today to hear Marc Holtzman at 10:00 AM on the Amy Oliver Show (1310 KFKA in Greeley).

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