If Congress Will Listen…

If Congress will listen to the people more than the magnified voices of left-wing and business interest groups, there may be a way toward a reasonable, workable immigration policy solution. From GOPUSA:

The U.S. government is not doing enough to curb illegal immigration, 81 percent of respondents said in a Time magazine poll published Monday.

The telephone poll of 1,004 U.S. adults conducted last week also showed 75 percent would deny illegal immigrants government services such as healthcare and food stamps, and 51 percent said children who are in the United States illegally shouldn’t be allowed to attend public schools.

Yet there was a less harsh attitude when it came to expulsions, with 78 percent favoring allowing citizenship for those who are already in the country if they have a job, speak English and pay taxes, the Time poll found.

Colorado’s center-right bloggers have been wrestling with the issue in search of the best solution – including BestDestiny’s Michael, Rossputin, and The Daily Blogster. And one candidate for governor – Marc Holtzman – has a strong and sensible plan to deal with illegal immigration at the state level.

Memo to Congress: listen up!

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