Holtzman vs. the Rule of Law

Marc Holtzman writes in an electronic letter that I received:

The Republican Party is about issues, ideas, agendas, and — just as importantly — ballot access.

What about the rule of law?, asks Rocky Mountain News editor Vincent Carroll:

“You’re allowed to vote anywhere in the state for a statewide candidate,” observes Mark Grueskin, the attorney trying to get GOP candidate Marc Holtzman on the August primary ballot. “Why can’t you get signatures from anywhere in the state.”

Um, maybe because that seems to be against the law?

Holtzman chirps endlessly about the rule of law being flouted by illegal immigrants. Now he has a chance to do his bit to shore up respect for the legal system: Tell his attorney to drop his attempt to have a court rewrite the accepted petition process.

Of course, that would require retaining an attorney who isn’t fond of persuading courts to stretch all credibility in allegedly “interpreting” the law.

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