GOP Super Saturday: Jeffco Style

Poll numbers for Colorado Republicans have been less favorable than any would like to see, but in the crucial weeks leading up to the 2006 election the Party is putting another weapon into play: volunteers. I was pleased to see several dozen volunteers show up at GOP Victory Headquarters in Wheat Ridge this morning to see Rick O’Donnell and the legendary Hugh Hewitt.

After a brief rally, volunteers split up to work their separate state house districts – dropping literature, making phone calls, stuffing mailers. I was told many more volunteers who never showed up at Victory HQ went to work hitting the streets this morning.

Jeffco’s big “Super Saturday” volunteer push is part of a statewide GOP effort. So if you’re a registered Colorado Republican or independent voter, there’s a good chance you received some sort of contact today with information about the Republican candidates in your area – be it a phone call or pieces of literature left at your doorstep.

I enjoyed the fresh air and exercise of walking a couple Arvada neighborhoods, passing out literature touting O’Donnell, Bob Beauprez, and my state representative Bill Crane. I got to talk to a few residents and to spread the good word. And there were hundreds more like me working across the state, talking to friends and neighbors and delivering the message: the Republican Party is representing families, taxpayers, small business owners, with the values of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and a strong national defense.

O’Donnell is in a heated battle with Democrat Ed Perlmutter in Colorado’s 7th CD, in one of the sure-to-be hottest races of the political season with coffers of cash pouring in to the district on behalf of both candidates. I’m looking for a photo finish in that race. Beauprez’s campaign for governor got a late start but is picking up some momentum and looks to close strong against Bill Ritter. Republicans are the favorites to hold the statewide offices of Treasurer (Mark Hillman), Secretary of State (Mike Coffman), and Attorney General (John Suthers). Recovering the state senate may not be in the cards for 2006, but Republican chances are improving to regain the majority in the state house. Then there are too many county and local offices to mention, races that are often more important than attention they receive.

For each of these races (and more), every extra ounce of effort from Colorado Republican volunteers pushes the team that much closer to victory on November 7. See you at the next “Super Saturday” event!


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    If only I would have know that you were there I would have introduced myself.

    I worked 23 A. My little sister got hurt in a dui hit and run accident in early July. She was hit by a illegal immigrant who was arrested in Denver in May but due to Denver’s “Catch and Release” policy they just took him to detox.

    Anyway, she broke her neck in three places, all of the ribs on her right side and her pelvis was broken in four different places (she’ll never be able to have a baby).

    I brought pictures of her with me and showed them to everyone who opened their door. I got fantastic responses from everyone (one Democrat who is married to a Republican said that she didn’t know that Ritter had been so soft on illegals.

    This story is supposed to break either today or tomorrow (my Dad is going on Peter Boyles). I hope to work with you sooner or later. Thanks for the help on Saturday!

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    Sorry to hear about your sister, but what possible difference would it have made if the drunk driver was legal. The problem here was that a drunk driver was released, not that an illegal was released. And all of this is a problem with police policy, not due to anything Bill Ritter did.

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