Chieftain Slams Down Democrats

The editorial board of the Pueblo Chieftain rips State Senator Peter Groff and his Democratic colleagues for the economic and political travesty that is Senate Bill 66, which would require all businesses with 10 or more employees to offer those employees unpaid leave to attend functions at their children’s schools. Key quote:

We know of many working parents who have been able to arrange with their employers to get time off to attend important school functions for their children. Employers who value their individual employees often make allowances through scheduling to give workers time to take care of their youngsters’ school affairs.

In any event, though, the state should not mandate this arrangement. Giving it the color of law invites misuse of the time off by irresponsible parents. Good parents should be able to find accommodation to attend to their responsibilities.

Yes. It’s called common sense.

While I’m at it, remember Rep. Gwyn Green’s voodoo economics “price-gouging” bill (HB 1251)? The Democrats on the Business Affairs Committee gave it a party-line thumbs up on Monday and sent it to the House floor for a vote, scheduled for tomorrow. Can we trust this party with anything, much less the State of Colorado’s reasonably friendly climate for businesses and consumers?

The refreshing thought is that at least Governor Owens is there to wield the veto pen on SB 066, HB 1251, and any other rotten legislation that may get sent his way.

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