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Some of you may have noticed a prominent change on the sidebar, in the way of candidate support. Here’s the story…

Bob Beauprez and his campaign made a statement today, and Colorado’s Republican delegates responded in force. As reported by the Denver Post‘s Dan Haley, Beauprez won the delegate vote 72.2 percent to 27.8 percent. Haley also has reported that the Holtzman campaign has refused to sign off on the results.

I’m not sure what the Holtzman team’s specific complaint is, since as one who attended today’s Assembly, I saw it as apparent that the State Party bent over backwards to accommodate their requests. It was also apparent from the reactions of the crowd that Holtzman would have a hard time reaching the crucial 30 percent plateau to get him on the ballot.

As I explained clearly yesterday, neither candidate has a strong or legitimate case to bypass the Assembly and petition onto the ballot. Today I cast my delegate vote for Marc Holtzman, but today the Party’s delegates have spoken with a strong message. We need to rally around Bob Beauprez as our candidate for governor and focus our energies on keeping the executive office in Republican hands. As my friend and fellow delegate Clay Calhoun has observed this evening:

Step aside gracefully Mr. Holtzman. If you’re serious about bettering Colorado and the state’s GOP, get involved in the party and look at 2010 or 2014.

Unlike Clay, I have been one to support Marc’s candidacy and used this platform on more than one occasion to attempt to persuade others to support him as well. But I have to agree with Clay. When I first heard rumblings of the Holtzman campaign’s plan to petition onto the ballot, I felt very uneasy. In my opinion, it’s not the right thing to do. Marc spoke of the importance of party unity during his speech at today’s Assembly, and I feel strongly that the most significant thing he can do now to enhance party unity is to step aside, graciously endorse his rival, and work hard to elect Republican candidates across the board for this fall.

I tip my hat to Marc and Lola, and want to congratulate them for bringing some important ideas and issues to the debate. The candidates and the campaign staff have been nothing but kind to me, and I bear ill will toward none of them.

On the other hand, I have been proud to see Beauprez take strong conservative stands on issues important to Colorado. Taken in view along with his successful track record in tough conditions and his strong character and conviction, I can see no reason why every loyal member of the Republican Party should not throw his or her support behind Bob Beauprez.


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    “Beauprez has done more to damage party unity than anyone else….” Evidence, please? Further proof that Republicans seem fixed on devouring their own.

    Beauprez is a mainstream conservative leader, and a candidate who was chosen by 70+% of the Assembly.

    “Holtzman was obviously planning to petition on for a while….” Well, now I can see pretty clearly why. They sure spent a lot of money on mailings to delegates.

    You sure have a right to continue supporting Holtzman at this point, but I see it as unnecessarily divisive.

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    To the last commenter: I was a big opponent of Referendum C last year. Look it up. So was Beauprez. So was Holtzman.

    Katy Atkinson is an operative, not a public official. What will repudiating her accomplish? No, really … besides providing good therapy.

    Has either candidate repudiated Owens? Beauprez touts his endorsement, Holtzman touts his role as Secretary of Technology under Owens. Both candidates will tell you they respectfully disagreed with Owens on Ref C. Both candidates have laid out agendas for the future. Both candidates wanted his endorsement. Only one got it, for what it’s worth, and that’s Beauprez.

    Do endorsements from Allard, Schaffer, Tancredo, Musgrave, et al. not “establish any credibility as a conservative”? Even two of the biggest notable opponents of Ref C – Jon Caldara and John Andrews – have given personal endorsements to Beauprez. Does that “establish any credibility as a conservative”?

    Spreading this kind of poison around and trying to open up old wounds … what does it accomplish? You might as well put a “Ritter for Governor” sticker on your car and sign in your yard. Or, wait – maybe you are a Democrat in sheep’s clothing trying to stir up dissent. Nice try.

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    Maybe a principled conservative at least might see Beauprez’s backbone in standing up against Owens & Benson on the issue of refunding the Ref C overage (aka H.E.A.T.)…


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