Ben’s Ballot

At the request of some, I have decided to share how I am voting on this year's ballot issues. Below you will find the ballot titles & designations, followed by a brief explanation of my vote and my opinion of the relative significance & likelihood of each to pass. For comparison, I've also added the stated endorsements of two Colorado conservative icons: influential talk radio host Mike Rosen and former state senate president John Andrews. After all, there can be some disagreement about certain issues within the movement. Keep reading for my opinions and predictions... … [Read more...]

Schaffer and Kunz for Board of Education

Let's face it: the State Board of Education is way off most people's radar. Even some highly politically-tuned people who know the names of their state representative and state senator couldn't tell you much about the Board, let alone the name of one person on it. Nevertheless, the Rocky Mountain News issued its endorsements of State Board candidates today. Well, here's the quick skinny for the uninitiated: the State Board of Education has a variety of supervisory duties over the state's public school system. A Board can do many things to support critical education reforms, such as charter schools and online education. Currently, the Board is made up of 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans - one from each Congressional District and an … [Read more...]

No on Amendment 42

Even the center-left Denver Post editorial board can agree on this point: the proposal to put inflation-indexed minimum wage increases in the state constitution (sometimes known as Amendment 42) is a bad idea. Straight on. Coming soon, for what it's worth ... my sample ballot on all the issues before Colorado. … [Read more...]

Rocky: Turning Around the State House

This year, Colorado Republicans' best chance at success will come at retaking the State House. Despite all the money of liberal 527s and rich guys being poured into the campaign, the off-presidential election year, Republican voter demographics, all 65 seats up for grabs, a strategy motivated by 2004's humiliating defeat, and a reasonably good slate of candidates all add up to a good chance for the GOP to retake the State House. Today the editors of the Rocky Mountain News endorsed their slate of State House candidates from the metro Denver area, including the following Republicans in currently held Democrat seats: Aimee Rathburn (HD 1) Ramey Johnson (HD 23) Affie Ellis (HD 29) Rex Pierce (HD 31) Even counting the mistaken … [Read more...]

My Tigers Beat Down the Yankees

The Detroit Tigers have dispatched the New York Yankees in the American League Division Series with a convincing 8-3 victory at Comerica Park today. Great pitching beats "the greatest lineup ever." The $195 million Yankee nation payroll humbled by Motown's finest. My friends, I am all smiles on this fine day. Hats off to great Tiger pitching - Jeremy Bonderman, Justin Verlander, Joel Zumaya, Jamie Walker, Todd Jones, and "The Gambler" Kenny Rogers. In the last 3 contests the pathetic pinstripes mounted only 6 runs compared to Detroit's 18. Everyone in the lineup contributed to the series victory, but it seems fitting and proper to mention each one by name - Curtis Granderson, Placido Polanco, Sean Casey, Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Guillen, … [Read more...]

Mark Foley

Not much needs to be said on this topic, but I decided to address it anyway. Michelle Malkin has the right message: "Deal with it." So here's how I see the players in a nutshell ... 1. Mark Foley - sick, depraved, abusive, only beginning to face the consequences of his sin, unable to make right what he did to his victims, greatly in need of redemption and God's mercy 2. The victims - should be left alone and out of the spotlight to allow them and their families to seek the healing they need 3. Republican Congressional leadership - culpable for every day they knew this vile behavior had occurred (as exhibited in the infamous IMs) ... there is honest disagreement concerning whether Speaker Hastert and others knew about this … [Read more...]

Pizza Guy for Governor

Last Friday night my wife & I saw a gubernatorial candidate delivering pizza to our neighbors across the street. I heard you snickering over there ... what, you don't believe me? Who was it, you might ask? Not this guy (I doubt he's STILL paying off law school debt), and definitely not this guy (I'm sure his staff has realized personal pizza deliveries do not belong in a successful campaign). Maybe you're scratching your head. No, it's not "the only pro-choice candidate for Governor of Colorado" (presumably no relation to the Fonz, though Libertarians might get more votes with him on the ticket). Keep guessing ... If you thought it was this guy, you might have imagined a very colorful waltz from the car to the front door, with … [Read more...]