Denver Post Enables Frivolous Liberal Mud Thrown at Beauprez

The liberal wing of Colorado's Democratic party is grasping at straws to fling mud at the Republican gubernatorial candidate, but the Denver Post - whether as it was originally written or as it was edited for publication - props up the credibility of the charges by omitting relevant information. Under the guise of a benign-sounding group called Colorado Citizens for Ethics in Government (CCEG), activist Democrat attorney Chantell Taylor is taking media potshots at the integrity of Bob Beauprez's campaign without the fortitude to follow the legal channels and actually file a formal complaint. In the article, Taylor is only identified as "CCEG director." Instead of initiating a formal complaint, Taylor finds a media audience to … [Read more...]

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up – School Funding Edition

Wow, cha-ching! You can almost hear Nevada's education unions and bureaucrats salivating at the idea: A consultant recommended Thursday that Nevadans spend nearly $1.3 billion more per year on public education so that the state's students meet achievement standards, a figure that stunned lawmakers and education activists. The figure suggested by Denver-based Augenblick, Palaich and Associates represents nearly $3,600 more per student each year for Nevada's 415,000 public school students. Under Nevada's current funding formula, school districts get about $4,500 per student each year from the Legislature. Well, let's clarify that a little bit: The consultant's recommendation does not include school construction costs or spending … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It…

...And really want to hear me talk with Jon Caldara on yesterday's Mike Rosen Show about the Secretary of State's new rules, the podcast version is up on the 850 KOA site. Go to the Rosen Replay page and look for the following description: Misleading ads try to prevent union members from having ability to refuse to have their dues go for political causes. I share this announcement not because I think readers will be enthralled with the dulcet tones of my radio voice but that you will latch onto this important information and pass it on. … [Read more...]

On the Rosen Show

I will be on the air with guest host Jon Caldara at 11 AM today to talk about the Colorado Secretary of State's new rules that recognize individual rights to determine whether their dues money should be spent on political campaigns. The information is highlighted on the Independence Institute's new educational Web site - You can listen live to the radio show by going to the 850 KOA Web site. For the most recent developments related top this story, please read Peter Blake's column in Saturday's Rocky Mountain News. Then ask yourself: what can you learn about a group whose leaders would protest having to ask your permission before spending your money on the political campaigns they choose? You decide. … [Read more...]

Beauprez on Track on Education

Overlooked due to the timing of Bob Beauprez's announcement of a lieutenant governor running mate this week, the Congressman from the 7th District also has sponsored an important piece of education legislation, as highlighted by Dan Lips of the Heritage Foundation: It's been said that everything old becomes new again. This is proving true in the federal education reform debate. A conservative congressman has introduced new legislation based on an old idea: local control over education. In July, Representative Bob Beauprez (R-CO) introduced the Partnership for Academic Success in the States Act, or PASS Act, to restore greater state and local control in education. With bipartisan frustration with No Child Left Behind growing, the PASS … [Read more...]


I am alive, but life has been busy on many fronts recently. Serious blogging will have to wait. Please check out the other Rocky Mountain Alliance and Friends of the Alliance sites, as well as anything else that strikes your fancy on the blogroll. Be back soon, I hope! … [Read more...]

Primary Night: A Mixed Bag

A mixed bag of results, mostly good, from my point of view. Everyone has heard by now that Joe Lieberman lost to Ned Lamont and the left-wing nutroots of the Democratic Party. John McIntyre of Real Clear Politics explains why this is a disastrous path for the Democrats to follow. Over in Michigan (a nice place to be from, let me tell you), the Club for Growth and fiscal conservatives scored a significant victory as Tim Walberg unseated one-term incumbent Republican Congressman Joe Schwarz in the 7th District primary. Two years ago Schwarz won 29% in a crowded field with five conservative opponents. Last night, he went one-on-one against a conservative and lost. Even the endorsement of President Bush and John McCain couldn't get him … [Read more...]

Owens to Conservatives: Take a Hike

One sentence from this Rocky Mountain News story jumped off the page: [Governor Bill] Owens has endorsed [Kiki] Traylor in the Tuesday primary. What is a sitting Republican governor doing endorsing a candidate in a competitive primary? Or more specifically, what is he doing endorsing the least conservative (by far) of the candidates in a three-way race for a safe Republican seat? The anticipated answer is that only the conservative wing of the GOP can be divisive - and frankly, I'm sick of hearing that fabrication. So let's dispel that argument right here and now. None of the three candidates (Traylor, Mike Kopp, and Justin Everett) has ever won an election, though Traylor was appointed by a hand-selected insider committee of … [Read more...]

9-11 Conspiracy Achieving New Status

Believing in conspiracies can be as all-American as baseball, barbecues, and apple pie - usually when it's cute to believe some myths like Elvis is alive or Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot) is roaming the Pacific Northwest. But then you wake up one day and see the results of a Scripps-Howard poll (HT: Rocky Mountain News), which says 36% of your fellow countrymen believe it is likely that "federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East." Wow, that's demoralizing, you say. I wonder how many people surveyed in 1943-1944 believed that FDR staged the Pearl Harbor bombing to take us to war - I'm guessing less than 36 percent. But then if you dig a … [Read more...]

Little Virtus: Cutest “Weepublican” Ever

Jim has already posted about the Sunday RMA picnic here and posted a couple pictures here. Richie D also posted on the event here. It was a good time had by all, but in my humble and honest opinion, this is the best picture of all from Sunday's picnic. Let two things be known here and now: 1) That her fair appearance is overwhelmingly a product of her mother's genes; and 2) That being a daddy is the best job I've ever had. … [Read more...]