Memorial Day Tribute

Thank a veteran or active-duty serviceman for their great sacrifices as we remember those who "gave the last full measure of devotion," from Lexington & Concord to Baghdad and a thousand places in between. O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife, Who more than self their country loved And mercy more than life. America, America, May God thy gold refine Till all success be nobleness And ev'ry gain divine. … [Read more...]

Holtzman’s Union Lawyer

In the Denver Post story this morning highlighting Marc Holtzman's submission of 21,000 petitions (he needs 1,500 from each of Colorado's 7 Congressional districts to be verified by the Secretary of State's office) to get on the gubernatorial primary ballot: The former University of Denver president was assisted by Denver lawyer Mark Grueskin, a Democrat who has a history of representing Democratic candidates and causes. "I don't like it when party bosses tell people not to run," Grueskin said. "It rubs me the wrong way." Grueskin, eh? Strangely not the first time this character has been mentioned on my site. Perhaps you remember the case of the teachers union caught in cahoots with a state Senate Democrat's 2004 campaign? In the … [Read more...]

GOP to Holtzman: Withdraw

Following the lead of state party chairman Bob Martinez, 31 sitting Republican state legislators and 9 Republican candidates for state legislative office sent a letter today to Marc Holtzman asking him for the sake of party unity (about which he spoke eloquently at the Assembly) to withdraw from the race. While these kind of things don't happen every day, at least Republican leaders from Routt County agree. And so does a first-time delegate from Boulder County, who has brought up an excellent point about the Holtzman campaign's earlier spin, which frankly disappoints me to see in retrospect: Holtzman estimated that more than 2,500 Holtzman delegates were elected to state and county assemblies in the statewide caucus proceedings … [Read more...]

11-year-old GOP Assembly blogger

A Republican friend passed along an account of yesterday's Republican Assembly through the eyes of a very insightful and well-spoken young attendee. Read below to see the report of 11-year-old Elizabeth Armstrong, daughter of delegate Wil Armstrong and granddaughter of former Senator Bill Armstrong. It's a refreshing view, less cynical than most political writing these days, and very encouraging to see younger people with intelligent observations about the great democratic process of one of the major political parties. And you surely will find some details in her account of Saturday's goings-on not included in any newspaper or other blog. Quite thorough. Perhaps some day she will have a political blog of her own. Here are her … [Read more...]

Beauprez for Governor

Some of you may have noticed a prominent change on the sidebar, in the way of candidate support. Here's the story... Bob Beauprez and his campaign made a statement today, and Colorado's Republican delegates responded in force. As reported by the Denver Post's Dan Haley, Beauprez won the delegate vote 72.2 percent to 27.8 percent. Haley also has reported that the Holtzman campaign has refused to sign off on the results. I'm not sure what the Holtzman team's specific complaint is, since as one who attended today's Assembly, I saw it as apparent that the State Party bent over backwards to accommodate their requests. It was also apparent from the reactions of the crowd that Holtzman would have a hard time reaching the crucial 30 … [Read more...]

Assembly Eve

As the Denver Post highlights this morning, tomorrow is the big "showdown" in Colorado Springs, also known as the State GOP Assembly. I along with several other center-right Colorado bloggers will be on hand for various official duties and will give you updates as possible. There are a couple salient points I wanted to bring forward about the Assembly, as raised in the article. First, both Republican gubernatorial candidates have focused an extraordinary amount of effort in seeking to persuade delegates from across the state to give their support. Neither candidate has been shortchanged in opportunities to control and direct their messages to this important audience, to make their best case for why their respective candidate should be … [Read more...]

My Friend Brant’s Ohio Nail-Biter

I don't normally write about state politics in Ohio, but I couldn't pass up this one. My good Hillsdale College buddy Brant Luther - former Stark County auditor, Alliance city councilman, and current attorney-at-law - is on pins and needles awaiting the final results of his May 2 Republican primary election for State Representative in Ohio's 61st District. In a rollercoaster of a vote count, Brant's opponent Randy Pope had a 25-vote lead going into the apparent last precinct on election night. Brant won that precinct by 35 votes to give him a lead of 10. When officials later realized they forgot to count a precinct, Pope edged ahead by 1. Then a second realization was made that a precinct had accidentally been double-counted, giving … [Read more...]

The Daily Camera on Ahmadinejad and “Radical Right-Wing Christians”

Anyone who ever takes a glance at the editorials of the Boulder Daily Camera has come to expect a certain strong Leftward slant. Rather than your ordinary pristine example, however, today's editorial follows a common-sense trail before veering sharply into the abyss of fuzzy logic and inflammatory rhetoric. In the piece, the Daily Camera editors criticize their fellow "progressives" who have applauded the deranged rantings of anti-Western Islamofascist Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a valid criticism of President Bush. My initial response as I started reading was a general agreement with the editors for the sensible reproach of their indiscreet ideological allies. But then out of the deep bleachers in left field came a … [Read more...]