Why You Should Votes for C and D

You have to love this tidbit caught by Rocky Mountain News political columnist extraordinaire Peter Blake:

You’ve seen the TV ad a dozen times by now. A couple of teachers are promoting the Vote Yes on C and D campaign.

While a teacher identified as Elizabeth Henry is talking, the yellow caption on the ad says: “Kids takes [sic] the hit.”

Better vote yes. Maybe the state will collect so much extra money there will be enough left over to subsidize the return to syntax school of big-time copywriters and media producers.

Fodder for ScrappleFace or some other talented Web satirist?

The ad’s producers could have been less subtle and said: “Vote for C and D so the state can spend more money on remedial education.” Though, of course, that begs the question of whether the existing problem of the K-12 education system is primarily due to a shortage of funds. I contend that is not the case.

Any day now… Debunking the myths about K-12 education funding in Colorado….

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