Wet and Wild Weekend for Baseball

Excited by the prospect of an early Friday game likely to end by sundown, Joshua was planning to be at Coors Field this afternoon for the game between the Detroit Tigers and Colorado Rockies. Knowing my deep dedication as a Tigers fan, he invited me along to today’s game. I was thankful he thought of me but am tied up at work and have a 5:30 appointment besides, so I had to decline.

Besides, I have tickets to attend the Saturday (with my friend Steve) and Sunday (with the lovely Mrs. Virtus) games.

But the skies had opened and the rains had come earlier today, pushing back the starting time from 3:05 to 4:00. I hope Joshua found another companion to go to the game with – and if he did, I hope the contest speeds along enough so he can arrive home safely and timely for Shabat.

But maybe he decided to stay high and dry instead. We’ll have to wait for his report.

Oh yeah… go Tigers!

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