Tell it to the Judge

Less than 24 hours remain until the emergency stay expires and Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube will be removed.

If you’re concerned about the woman in this case, perhaps you’ve already told your friends and family, your pastor/priest, Gov. Jeb Bush, some Florida legislators, or even all those who read your blog. But Terri’s fate rests in the hands of Florida Circuit Court Judge George W. Greer.

Maybe you’re so upset you say: “Let me tell it to the world!”

My response: “Just tell it to the judge!”*

Thanks to the American Family Association, it’s really easy for you to write Judge Greer and share your concerns. Isn’t it enough that Terri has some limited ability to communicate with facial expressions? All we are asking is that her parents be allowed to take her into their loving custody and formal care.

Keep praying…

Hat tip to The Daily Blogster

*And congrats to those who picked up the veiled reference to West Side Story.


  1. A Canuck says

    How about TELL IT TO THE GOVERNOR??????????????????????????? nonetheless.

  2. says

    Do that, too. I’ve already contacted Jeb Bush, as have many thousands. He is on our side. The judge is the man of the moment, however.

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