Memo to the Left: Sit Down and Take a Deep Breath

Today’s news?

  • A military investigation of Guantanamo confirms that no torture occurred… not even close (though look for a few rabid lefties to focus on the humiliating case of Mohammed al Kahtani, the 20th hijacker, forced to wear women’s clothes, endure verbal abuse, and experience sleep deprivation).
  • A pro-growth Bush economy roaring back to life drastically lowers the estimate on the federal deficit. (Both Congress and the President need to continue reductions in discretionary spending, however.)
  • With news like this, the partisan White House press corps and Capitol Hill Democrats continue to scream like petulant children for the head of Karl Rove on a platter – calling them “circling sharks” may be giving them too much credit. After all, they seem to need something to whine about until the President announces his first Supreme Court nominee in the coming days.

    I long for a real, legitimate debate on a substantive issue grounded in established facts with some serious-minded person of a different political persuasion. Focusing on the MSM’s crusade of the day, however, will just continue to lead at least this center-right blogger into self-assured chuckles and dismissive head-wagging.

    I know, I know… so you ask why I’ve posted on this? I confess: ’twas too easy to pass up. I hope to have something more substantive and interesting to follow in days ahead. It will be better for all of us if we can focus more clearly on some serious issue.


    1. says

      How about we focus on serious topics of national security. How can the CIA continue to attempt to buy up and shut down trade in WMD components when the White House Deputy Chief of Staff exposes their operations in attempts to avoid exposure of the false premises behind their policies?

      I’m glad President Bush, at least at one point, saw what a serious problem this was and said that anyone involved in such activities would no longer be employed by his White House. I’m just hoping he lives up to his word.

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      Valerie was a covert agent. She ran a CIA shell company which was involved in buying up WMD materials in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. How do I know this? Because the whole thing was exposed after this leak. The facts are out there, and have been for 2 years. Rove’s protectors have had their collective heads in the sand though, hoping their water muddying was enough.

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