Meeting with Marc Holtzman

Mike has already given a thoughtful description of our meeting yesterday with Republican gubernatorial hopeful Marc Holtzman. (I’m sure Joshua has one forthcoming as well.)

Holtzman and his campaign adviser Laura Teal graciously gave us more than an hour of their time and of the candidate’s vision, passion, and optimism.

The former president of the University of Denver & state technology secretary talked with facility and command about how to solve the budget’s structural problems in creative and courageous ways. He shared his plan for strengthening the state’s Republican Party structure. He has concrete ideas to address the current and looming issues of illegal immigration, eminent domain abuse, energy dependence, and public health management. He sought to distinguish himself from his GOP rival, Congressman Bob Beauprez, by making a case for his principled leadership.

And Marc and Laura have prepared and implemented a well-thought strategy to reach the GOP base and head to next summer’s state convention in a position of strength. He knows he’s the underdog and the outsider, but he seems to thrive on it as he once did as an entrepreneurial venture capitalist – helping to transform the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe.

The Holtzman campaign has focus, innovation, energy, enthusiasm, and a broad and growing coalition of grassroots support. Pundits would be foolish to count them out, even after their unsuccessful vigorous campaign against Referenda C and D. Marc and his team appear ready to carry that same vigor and persistence into making their man the Republican Party’s choice – and ultimately Colorado’s choice – for governor in 2006.

GOP activists and supporters should at least give Marc Holtzman’s campaign careful consideration. Check out the Web site and learn more.

Speaking personally, as a constituent of Congressman Beauprez’s, I have tended to lean in the direction of supporting his cause. Even as I’ve maintained my neutrality, I have friends in both camps. But after yesterday’s meeting – like Mike – I am cautiously reconsidering my earlier leanings. Whoever I end up supporting (and I hope to make a decision soon), I will do so with passion and dedication, all while keeping a positive attitude and the larger Republican cause before me.

In response to my question of whether he thought Colorado was becoming a “blue state,” Marc Holtzman responded: “We need to articulate our vision, and the majority will follow. It’s not theirs to win. It’s ours to lose.”


  1. Politigalco says

    I also live in the 7th Congressional District, and last year I volunteered for and donated to Beauprez’s campaign (minimally). I was really disappointed when he first announced that he was going to run for governor because I think we could end up losing the congressional seat–especially after his first win was so narrow. I’m even more disappointed with his lack of a really firm stand against Referenda C and D. Also, after Bill Owens endorsed him, I pretty much made up my mind to support Holtzman. I have absolutely no respect for Owens after the way he treated Bob Schaffer and then showed his true RINO colors on C and D.

    I really believe that Schaffer could have won the race Coors lost. At the time of the state convention, I also heard about some “monkey business” by the Coors campaign that got him on the primary ballot, but I don’t know much about it.

    I think that Holtzman made a decision based on principle rather than politics, and Bob Beauprez made the politically expedient choice.

    According to what Holtzman said on John Andrews’ radio show last Sunday, Bill Owens had agreed to endorse him if he didn’t campaign against C and D and then announced his endorsement of Beauprez three days after Holtzman came out against the referenda.

    Who do Bill Owens and this Bruce Benson think they are anyway?

  2. BJ says

    I would imagine Marc (and his team) respect Bob Schaffer even more because of Bob’s endorsement of Beauprez – Schaffer has always stood by his friends, in spite of the fact that Beuaprez did nothing to help in the Senate primary, himself. I would also think Schaffer must quietly nod and appreciate the work Holtzman is doing… taking strong positions and standing on principle is what Schaffer always thrived on.

  3. Politigalco says

    Ben, I must disagree with you. Principles, doing what is right, is more important than winning.

  4. Conscience of Colorado says

    It’s time we mounted a campaign to yank Rove’s clearances and defend our country against a president who puts personal friendship ahead of national security and the rule of law.


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