Letting You Know Where I Sit

Now that I am beginning regular (hopefully) contributions to the new Holtzman v Beauprez Web site, I wanted to let you know where I sit so you can filter my comments and observations on the governor’s race appropriately.

Today seems like a good a time as any to announce my personal support for the gubernatorial candidacy of Marc Holtzman. About a month ago a couple other RMA bloggers and I sat down with Marc for an informal Q & A session. After that meeting I reported my many positive impressions. I also had positive impressions of Congressman Bob Beauprez during our earlier meeting. Recognizing that honest people of good faith and like principles can disagree in such matters, I wanted to make clear that I do not support Holtzman out of any animosity toward Congressman Beauprez but out of a sincere belief that Holtzman’s inspired candidacy will do more to energize and focus the party leading into the important 2006 elections. And Holtzman’s leadership qualifications and credentials make him an excellent fit for the Governor’s Mansion.

Marc’s latest adventures on the Eastern Plains demonstrate that this candidate indeed does have “fire in his belly,” as Jerry Kopel recently opined in the Colorado Statesman. The Colorado GOP needs the kind of leadership, dedication, and creative ideas to unleash our state’s economic potential and to strengthen our party’s organization and commitment to principles. Reasons like this have prompted me to join Holtzman’s Team Jeffco and to place the following logo on the sidebar of my blog:

Whichever candidate you choose to support, I encourage more Republicans to get involved and attuned to what’s going on, to jump on board with the plan to win back the State House and State Senate and keep the Governor’s chair. We can’t have you sitting on the sidelines. The energy and enthusiasm that is beginning to percolate this far out for Marc Holtzman’s candidacy needs to spread through all levels and regions of the party like wildfire.

(To find out more about Marc and his campaign, visit his Web site.)

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