Florida Representative: Strong Feelings on Schiavo Case

Last night I sent out e-mails to 20 or so different Florida state legislators, with an ardent appeal on behalf of Terri Schiavo. Today I know at least one member of the Florida House of Representatives shares public concern. When you send out e-mails to public officials in a different state, for whom you can’t vote and have almost zero likelihood of contributing time or money to help in one of their campaigns, it tends to be surprising that one of them would actually write you back. Unless they believe the issue you’re writing about is so very important.

My message:

I am not a Florida resident, but after reviewing the facts of the Terri Schiavo case would earnestly exhort you to do all in your power to intervene on her behalf. This is a matter of defending the rights of the disabled, and letting her feeding tube be removed would set a terrible precedent regarding the value of life in this country.

In response, first-term Representative Trudi Williams of Fort Myers wrote:

I could not agree with you more! Starving and dehydrating some one to death is barbaric. Did we not invade Iraq to save the people from a mad man for this very reason!

I asked for permission to quote the e-mail, and she wrote back two minutes later to say “Absolutely.” I appreciate Rep. Williams’ response and the courageous efforts of her and many of her colleagues to find any legal means to save Terri.

In related news, a Florida circuit court judge has extended the emergency stay to prevent the removal of Terri’s feeding tube until Friday, 5 PM EST. This is good to learn but has only bought her more time.

Let’s keep praying….

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