Answering the Cries for Help

When you’re hundreds of miles away from the scene of a massive disaster like Hurricane Katrina, and you know almost no one directly affected by the massive storm, it’s easy to lose perspective on the human toll of such events. But then you realize how many of our fellow Americans, people with moms and dads and brothers and sisters and sons and daughters, are in dire straits. The New Orleans Times-Picayune blog has been posting a series of electronically-relayed pleas from people who have lost contact with loved ones or whose loved ones are trapped and need help.

Ladies and gents, this stuff is real. They need our prayers and support. You can find a list of charitable organizations at Instapundit from which to choose. But reach out and help this effort in whatever way you can.

We see the dark side of human nature with all the reports of lootings and hostages, etc. But fellow believers especially, we can show a powerful testimony of Christ-likeness in these circumstances and do some small part to bring help to people who are seriously in need.

I know this is a somewhat remote blog with small traffic, but maybe this will catch somebody’s notice who wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

Update, 6:40 PM: Removed the block quote – you can go visit the site for the detailed pleas. I also should have noted the heroic efforts of the US Coast Guard and others who are active in rescuing people just like those who are included at the Times-Picayune blog.


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    Great Blog Ben. You are a sound and reliable voice in CO. Also, keep up the good work on the 4th floor of the Ivory Tower.


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