Off to the Nation’s Capitol

Not that you'll notice much - yes, I've been that busy, and yes, I haven't had that much to say - but if I'll be blogging at all in the next few days it will be from Washington, D.C. My first trip there in six years. Maybe, in honor of the Roberts nomination, a trip to the Supreme Court would be in order. And I definitely have to visit the World War Two Memorial. Arlington Cemetery and the Lincoln Memorial are must-sees. But since most of my time there will be taken up with business, I may not be able to catch much more than that. … [Read more...]

Dead Governor Unveiled

(Yawn) Kudos to the Rocky Mountain News, for the insider political coup of the season. The Denver daily did some sleuthing homework, conducting a "DNA Test" on one of the Dead Governors to confirm the identity of freelance writer and registered JeffCo Democrat Jason Bane. The hot political site's contributors maintain that the rest of their identities will not be disclosed. The challenge is on. Since I discovered this site months ago, I've readily classified it as a center-left-leaning political blog with plenty of gossip and sometimes reliable information. Learning part of its little secret doesn't change any of that for me. (End Yawn) … [Read more...]

In Seattle…

The fame of the Rocky Mountain Alliance extends a little further today... After being gone all day, I find that my good friend Jim has made a quotable appearance in a Seattle Times column on Internet blogging and the upcoming Supreme Court nomination process: Ordinary people such as Jim Cannon are hoping to use online blogs to amplify their cause. Cannon, 30, a truck driver from Denver, contributes to a conservative blog group called the Rocky Mountain Alliance. "We can get people to call senators, get people to talk to their friends and family on the issue," he said. "Blogs defined the last presidential election. If we have half as big an impact on this as we did on the election, I think it will do a lot." Way to go, Jim! … [Read more...]

Surveying the ‘Sphere on the Roberts Nomination

The President's nomination of John Roberts to fill Justice O'Connor's vacancy on the Supreme Court - the first such change in 11 years - is such an intriguing and momentous development that I thought I'd take a moment to survey what some of the leading bloggers are saying about it. Kind of a snapshot in time. My own opinion? The President made the best of this selection, and good conservatives can join reasonable centrists and even people on the center-left of the political spectrum to applaud it. But here's what others are saying (in no particular order) - first, from the Right: The gents at Powerline are ecstatic: It's a great day for conservatives and for America. Thanks to President Bush for nominating the best person for the … [Read more...]

Tancredo Won’t Back Down

Despite Hugh's strong admonition and best hopes, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo won't back down from his irresponsible and increasingly infamous "bomb Mecca" comments. He demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of our enemy and what strategic objective could be accomplished by even floating the idea as a potential deterrent: In an interview, Tancredo said he did not intend to offend moderate Muslims, whom he calls the "best hope" of bringing terrorists to justice. "When we bombed Hiroshima, when we bombed Dresden, we punished a lot of people who were not necessarily (guilty)," Tancredo said. "Not every German was a member of the Nazi Party. You do things in war that are ugly." He stressed that he was not advocating an … [Read more...]

You Have to Watch What You Say

When you're a United States Congressman, you have to take special care what sort of public pronouncements you make, as they are taken to have much greater weight and significance than utterances from your average "shock jock." Not best known for his great tact, Colorado's own Congressman Tom Tancredo crossed a line while recently on a radio talk show. As one prominent "shock jock" has written eloquently in response: Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo's speculation about using nukes on Mecca following an act of nuclear terrorism in the United States is the most irresponsible statement any American official can make. It will be on al-Jazeera within the hour, and it will be used by jihadists against us. Such speculations send the message … [Read more...]

Supreme Court High Stakes: A First Look

Jan Crawford Greenburg of the Chicago Tribune raises the specter today that political expediency might steer the Bush White House away from nominating an avowedly outspoken anti-Roe candidate for the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Nomination Blog speculates on the significance of reported statements that the President's people have dropped strong conservative Judge Edith Jones from the list. I don't think there's too much to read into this solitary report - unless you are starved for news on the subject amid the raging silence of recent days. First, Jones wasn't very high on many experts' A-lists as a potential replacement (even though Main Street USA reveled in her potential role as "the nuclear nominee"). Michael Luttig, Sam Alito, … [Read more...]

Memo to the Left: Sit Down and Take a Deep Breath

Today's news? A military investigation of Guantanamo confirms that no torture occurred... not even close (though look for a few rabid lefties to focus on the humiliating case of Mohammed al Kahtani, the 20th hijacker, forced to wear women's clothes, endure verbal abuse, and experience sleep deprivation). A pro-growth Bush economy roaring back to life drastically lowers the estimate on the federal deficit. (Both Congress and the President need to continue reductions in discretionary spending, however.) With news like this, the partisan White House press corps and Capitol Hill Democrats continue to scream like petulant children for the head of Karl Rove on a platter - calling them "circling sharks" may be giving them too much credit. … [Read more...]