Social Media Buzz Cannot Be Safely Disregarded

Social Media Buzz Cannot Be Safely Disregarded

In today's fast-paced social media world, disengagement is simply not an option. Whether it's an independent author like myself monitoring what people are saying about my eccentric title character, or a large corporation with millions of dollars of profits on the line, there is no excuse to lose track of what's being said about your brand on Facebook, Twitter, or other outlets. In this way, business and marketing are a lot like democratic politics -- a prominent topic on this site. It doesn't matter if the buzz is true or not. Our famous 16th president Abraham Lincoln once said about statesmanship: "A universal feeling, whether well or ill-founded, cannot be safely disregarded." Despite what some satiric Lincoln memes might suggest, Old … [Read more...]

Look at Both Gallup Polls: Republicans Have an Opportunity, If They’ll Take It

Two Gallup polls, released on the same day: Monday, May 18. Wildly different headlines. Part of a bigger story, but some can only seem to latch on to one or the other. Those who trumpeted the results of the survey showing across-the-board demographic losses for the Republican Party since 2001 (conducted from January to April of this year) might also want to note the results of the survey showing Republican-leaning support matching Democrat-leaning support for the first time in nearly four years. … [Read more...]

Michael Riley’s “100 Days” Obama Paean Could Use a Little Perspective

As Barack Obama nears 100 days in office, major newspapers take notice. Yet what a difference a turn of the phrase makes. First, Michael Riley leads off his "Potent voice of change" on the front page of today's Denver Post:One hundred days into his administration — forced by events and prodded by his own driving leadership style — Barack Obama has brought change to Washington that is bigger, bolder and far more risky than anything he articulated in his historic campaign. What's another way of saying that? Let's ask the editors of the Washington Times:Perplexed about complaints over Mr. Obama's expansion of government, Newsweek editor Jon Meacham asked: "does no one listen during campaigns?" It was these pundits who weren't … [Read more...]

Democrat Numbers Show Door Wide Open for Challenge to Michael Bennet

The results are out: newly selected U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is not doing so great. That's the message from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) -- which commissioned the survey. Politico says Bennet is "off to a slow start". And apparently dissatisfied with the results, the Democrat Dead Governors' blog for the first time features a front-page critique of PPP as "notorious" for its unreliability. From the few previous mentions on their site, PPP polling substantiated Mark Udall's lead in last year's Senate race -- Obama, too. Now, though, we just can't trust them. It's not as if the results are spectacular for the Republican field looking to challenge Michael Bennet. The public is simply not in any way engaged with the … [Read more...]

How Many Coloradans Know about Michael Bennet – and Which Republican Should Challenge Him?

Politics West points out a newly-released survey from a Democratic polling firm finds that support among Coloradans for both Barack Obama and "senior" U.S. Senator Mark Udall is slipping. The Public Policy Polling firm is slated to release results today for newly selected Senator Michael Bennet, up for re-election in 2010. What I'll be looking for first is not the favorable-unfavorable rating but the percentage of Colorado voters who know enough about Bennet even to form an opinion, and whether they ironically might view the man as indecisive. Face The State also has an online poll to see your preference for a Republican opponent for Bennet: Bob Beauprez, Ken Buck, Dan Caplis, Ryan Frazier, or (the write-in campaign for) Cleve … [Read more...]

Ari Armstrong, Modern-Day Sam Adams, Helping Fill the Watchdog Gap

Sign of the times ... The American Journalism Review has released its annual survey of statehouse reporters. The unsurprising result? Forty-four states - including Colorado - have fewer full-time journalistic watchdogs tracking how elected legislatures are doing the people's business. As much as the Right pines about the liberally-biased media, this is not entirely a phenomenon to be rejoiced over. The news-gathering local media terrain is shifting under our feet as we move. A clear reason why we need more of the Modern-Day Sam Adams variety: Congratulations to Ari Armstrong for his well-deserved award and the lucrative success it brings. We don't always agree, but no one can deny Ari's diligent and persistent advocacy on behalf of … [Read more...]

Barack Obama Needs a DNC Bounce, But Poor Planning May Interfere

Barack Obama really, really, really needs a bounce from the Democratic National Convention. First, nationally, as political guru Michael Barone points yesterday had John McCain ahead of Barack Obama by 274 to 264 electoral votes, counting leaners. RCP has Obama carrying just two Bush '04 states, Iowa and New Mexico, with 12 electoral votes. McCain's lead in two other Bush '04 states, Virginia and Colorado, with 20 electoral votes is microscopic, but then so is Obama's lead in New Hampshire, with four electoral votes. Showcasing Jimmy Carter on the opening night of the DNC is not a good way to separate Barack Obama from the obvious comparison with the malaise president or to generate a national bounce. And … [Read more...]

Help Falcon Find a Parent-Friendly, Visionary Education Leader

Looking for a quick way to make your voice heard on the importance of public education reform? Falcon School District 49 is a fast-growing district in El Paso County, a district where more creative choices and options could help make a big difference for families. As its board searches for a new superintendent, Falcon is conducting a survey of what characteristics their new leader should have. There's a few reasons why you should take the few minutes to participate, answer as many questions as you can, and let them know why non-traditional experience and outside-the-box visionary thinking is to be preferred to traditional establishment credentials that offer less chance to bring real reform: 1. If you live in Falcon 49, you will be … [Read more...]