Election Day Is Nearly 3 Weeks Away… Must Mean It’s Time to Vote!

Election Day Is Nearly 3 Weeks Away… Must Mean It’s Time to Vote!

The mail-in ballot arrived at the humble homestead yesterday. My 2014 personal guide to the Colorado ballot is posted. Check it out. Remember... While you want to cast the most informed and thoughtful ballot you can, it's also vital to vote sooner rather than later. Electioneering communications quickly will stop, and campaigns can conserve scarce resources. … [Read more...]

Well-Heeled Union Lobbyists Flout Law to Oppose Ethical Standards

The Rocky Mountain News reports on a complaint filed yesterday by Amendment 49 supporters:Backers of Amendment 49, which would prohibit union dues from being deducted from public payrolls, have filed a complaint with the Colorado secretary of state alleging that an opposing group failed to disclose its intention to campaign against them. Instead, Coloradans For Middle Class Relief states in its registration with the secretary of state that it would campaign against Amendment 47, according to the complaint by Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute and author of Amendment 49. But Caldara said Coloradans For Middle Class Relief has sent out fliers on other ballot measures as well, including Amendments 49 and 54. The Denver … [Read more...]

Colorado State Government’s “Non-Union Rep” Launches Site

Dave Ohmart, the unofficial "non-union rep" for Colorado state government, finally has his Colorado Loses website up and running. Look for newsletters, events, and relevant legal information pertaining to employee rights in state government. Colorado Loses is the clever foil to the Colorado WINS union organizing coalition:Colorado WINS, the big state employee union, recently held a convention. Union loyalists were shown a video depicting flood and famine – images from the Gulf Coast of slums, Hurricane-ravaged homes and the like. The moral of the story: state employees are the only line of defense Colorado has against, uh, Hurricanes. No, floods. Wait, I’m confused. Hurricane Katrina was a tragedy, but it has nothing to do with … [Read more...]

Ben’s Guide to the Colorado Ballot 2008 Now Updated with Illustration

If you have yet to visit my page with information and recommendations on the long list of initiatives and referenda on Colorado's 2008 ballot, now is the time to stop by. After all, thanks to the clever and capable stylings of Colorado cartoonist Ben Hummel, the page is now illustrated! … [Read more...]

Last-Minute Initiative Submissions Make It Look Like a Crowded Colorado Ballot

It looks like a crowded ballot after all. Face The State was on the scene yesterday to report that six more campaigns turned in signatures before the deadline in an effort to get their initiatives on the ballot. They are all bad news - some worse than others. It looks like five of them are a lock to make the ballot, while a sixth one may cut it very close. Along with the four citizens' initiatives that have already secured a place for Colorado voters to decide in November, and several legislative referenda, there may be a record 19 measures on the ballot. Stay tuned to Mount Virtus for coverage of statewide issues. … [Read more...]