How to Train Your Politician: Conservative Ed Hanks Urges Intentional Voting

How to Train Your Politician: Conservative Ed Hanks Urges Intentional Voting

On December 20, 2014, I chatted by phone with Ed Hanks about his new book How to Train Your Politician: Intentional Voting as a Path to Tea Party and Constitutional Victory. Hanks, an acquaintance and Jefferson County conservative activist who has been one of Colorado's leading voices for Personhood, graciously shared a Kindle copy of his book for me to read prior our conversation. We talked in the wake of the lame-duck Congress passing the corporatists' dream bill, known as Cromnibus, fueling the fires of populist conservative discontent (including yours truly). A mounting frustration definitely brings a growing interest in the strategy Hanks endorses. Yet what I find most appealing about the book and its author is his historical … [Read more...]

Okay, Barack Obama and I agree on “Team of Rivals” … So What?

For those who believe I have nothing good to say about our President-elect Barack Obama. He at least has some good taste in contemporary historical literature:It so happens that Obama and New York Sen. Clinton share a reverence for "Team of Rivals," Doris Kearns Goodwin's book about how Lincoln brought foes into his fold. Clinton listed it during the campaign as the last book she had read. Obama, clearly a student of Lincoln, spoke of it several times. Now past could be prologue. Obama is considering Clinton for secretary of state or another senior position, meeting John McCain on Monday to see how his Republican presidential rival might help him in the Senate, and sizing up one-time opponents in both parties for potential … [Read more...]

Yippee… Barack Obama May Get “Modest” Bounce in Polls from DNC

It's normal for a major national political convention to give its nominee a "bounce" in the polls, so it's too early to reach any conclusions. After all, the Obamessiah has yet to give his rock star speech at Invesco Field, which may cause the knees of middle America to swoon. But so far, Rasmussen's daily tracking poll has yet to pick up on the signs of major Joe(Biden)-mentum. No, wait, that's not fair ... Today's results show "hints of a modest convention bounce building for Barack Obama". Obama broke the tie with John McCain to forge a one-point national lead - still, not that compelling after last week saw the Democrat candidate with a consistent three-to-four point lead. And after three days of fawning media coverage of the … [Read more...]

Hillary Supporter Lashes Out at Obama, Democrats; Promises McCain Victory

As much as Republicans are less than enthusiastic about their Presidential nominee, a video like this helps to confirm my suspicions that the Democrats have bigger problems: The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza has more details here on what exactly made this woman and so many other Hillary supporters angry. Clinton's overwhelming primary win in Puerto Rico doesn't add any more clarity - or confidence -to the Democrat nomination picture. … [Read more...]

Where Will the 2008 Election Leave Us?

In the current 24/7 political news cycle, with its rapid-fire sound bites and he said/she said sensationalism, it's not often enough that bloggers step back and look at the big picture of what's unfolding in the 2008 Presidential election. Hats off to my friend Michael at Best Destiny for some keen (and honest) insights in the wake of last night's Democratic primary results from Indiana and North Carolina:With the Left lurching through its own 60s-esque upheaval, and the GOP tragically unable to get its footing over the last four years, it's very hard to see how this isn't a time of seismic change in the American political world. This is a time for ideals and orators and men of character and greatness. I don't know who those men--or … [Read more...]

Blogger Exposes CNN Agenda Journalism on Penn State Campus

On the eve of the most crucialest of all crucial votes in this media-obsessed rollercoaster of a Democrat presidential showdown - also known as the Pennsylvania primary - I wanted to turn attention to a major example of in-your-face media bias provided in coverage of the event. Warner Todd Huston, someone I met at Samsphere Chicago, exposed the verbally abusive bias of CNN's Rick Sanchez on the Penn State University campus:CNN contacted students in several political clubs at Penn State to arrange for the interview and two weeks ago their cameras and crews arrived at the university to film the segment with the on-air personality. 21-year-old journalism student Chelsea Brown, though, was less than impressed by Sanchez’ bellicose … [Read more...]

New Poll Shows McCain Upsetting Left’s Plans to Turn Colorado Blue

Via Politico's Jonathan Martin and Hot Air's Ed Morrissey, a new poll shows Republican presidential candidate John McCain with a commanding, double-digit lead here in Colorado versus either Democrat contender - Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton: McCain 51, Obama 39 McCain 52, Clinton 40 Something is happening on the way to the Left's plan to turn Colorado blue: Their leaders are generating more disdain than those who have sold out conservatives on the Republican side. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. While it takes longer for things happening at the state level to reach the average voter, one can almost imagine some of the reaction against Obama and Clinton trickling down to their inept liberal buddies - like Gov. Bill Ritter … [Read more...]

Maybe Hillary IS That Unpopular

Does anyone remember Jeremiah Wright and Tony Rezko? Or is news like this just a sign that the Democratic Party - and America in general - really, truly is sick of the Clintons once and for all?A new national Democratic primary poll from Diageo/Hotline (.pdf) (March 28-31, 342 Dem RV, MoE +/- 5.3%) shows Obama leading Clinton by 12 points, after the two had remained close in similar polls in previous months. On negative campaigning, 42% felt Clinton had unfairly attacked Obama, while 22% felt Obama had atttacked Clinton unfairly. Per his usual excellent output, Mark Steyn has the most eloquently biting pre-mortem on the Clinton campaign, saying it looks like "last call for Hillary":It's 3 a.m., and your children are safe and asleep. … [Read more...]

Hillary and Health Care: Sweet Irony

Have I been too easy on Hillary? Not much has seemed worthy of any sort of fresh attention here, but there is something about the combination of Clintons, Leftist ideas, and irony that's hard to ignore. According to a detailed report at Politico, paying campaign staffers' health insurance premiums is not really a priority for Senator Hillary Clinton: nearly $292,000 in unpaid bills, while her opponent Republican Senator John McCain is all paid up. She must think her prescription for government-provided single payer health care has already kicked in. Thankfully it has not, and hopefully it will not. Meanwhile, Scott Ott at Scrappleface takes the irony to another humorous level:Ending weeks of speculation, Sen. Hillary Clinton today … [Read more...]

Obama Train Slowing Down?

Earlier today I pointed out the troubles Barack Obama is having with skeptics on the political Left who even after his "courageous speech" say he's still in trouble. Well, if early signs like a large-scale Internet poll mean anything, these critics have a strong point. John Hinderaker at Power Line notes an AOL Hot Seat poll that shows an overwhelming percentage of Americans don't think Obama solved "his Jeremiah Wright problem with his speech yesterday." By a margin of 68 to 26 percent. This might be (wait, just might be) the lead weight around Obama's campaign. If this is true, it's because more people are seeing what Jonah Goldberg saw:For all the wonderful rhetoric and tantalizing promise of Obama and his speech, there’s not … [Read more...]