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If I had five more writers just like him, I think my job would be the easiest in journalism….

“I’m always impressed by the quality of Ben’s work! If I had five more writers just like him, I think my job would be the easiest in journalism–when showing new freelancers examples of what I’m looking for, it’s always Ben’s work that I use. If you give him an assignment, you won’t regret it–and you’ll most likely come back to him again and again.”

– Karla Dial, former managing editor, School Reform News

– Need to get something important in writing?
– Need to clear out those embarrassing errors?
– Need to spice up your article?
– Need to communicate more clearly?

Professionally, Ben DeGrow is director of education policy for Michigan’s Mackinac Center for Public Policy. But he is also available on a limited basis to work independently on projects with individuals, non-profits, businesses and political clients:

  • Writing: education and labor policy reports, opinion-editorials, news stories, grant proposals … and more
  • Ghostwriting: manuscripts, news stories, media releases, letters to the editor
  • Editing: content editing and proofreading for a wide range of materials

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“Ben is an excellent writer, copy-editor, and policy analyst. His writing is clear, persuasive, and well-researched. I have worked with him for many years, and found him to be a great colleague. His great influence in public policy debates on education is well-deserved.”

– David Kopel, research director, Independence Institute

Ben has years of prolific blogging experience that helped him to hone the craft of online communication. His expertise in the writing craft is widely respected. He has numerous connections in Michigan and Colorado.

“Ben is a talented political blogger with conservative/libertarian leanings and a true understanding of Colorado issues, institutions, and political dynamics. His blog is an invaluable source for someone who wants a deeper understanding (and different opinion) of what’s happening in Colorado than you’d get from simply reading newspapers or watching the news.”

Ross Kaminsky, blogger and columnist, Human Events

As a by-lined writer and contributing editor for School Reform News, as well as a freelance contributor for other outlets, Ben conducted hundreds of interviews and generated many informative and insightful pieces. Public policy — education and labor issues, in particular — are his forte.

“Ben writes tight, on-point copy that highlights his subject matter expertise. He’s also able to comprehend how a policy issue plays in the broader political and social landscape and makes those connections seamlessly in his writing.”

– Brad Jones, former editor, Face The State.com

As an editor, Ben has helped writers of varying abilities improve their product and get their work placed in newspapers and other publications. He also has assisted other project writers in meeting their deadlines with impressive results.

“Ben is an excellent editor. He is conscientious, fast and easy to work with. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.”

– Krista Kafer, freelance education consultant

Fees are negotiable based on the nature of the work and the tightness of the deadline. You will find me to be honest, fair, flexible and easy to work with — and the quality of my work to be top-notch and satisfactory. To protect both parties, paid projects require that basic terms will be agreed to in writing. Thank you for taking an interest in my services. I hope to be of assistance.

To reach me directly, send an email to bendegrow – at – gmail.com

Some of Ben’s writings on the Web: