9/11: Pause and Remember

Now nine years past, the pain of September 11, 2001, seems like such a distant memory. But as always, the anniversary ought to be honored and observed -- in compassion for those most directly affected, in humble gratitude for noble sacrifices, in righteous resolve for peace through strength, in eternal vigilance for God's great gift of liberty. Take a moment today to pause and remember. Previous reflections on 9/11: 2009: Personal recollection 2008: Never Forget 2007: The next Tuesday, 9/11 2006: Prayerful resolve … [Read more...]

Bernie Buescher Doesn’t Get His Way: Time to Make Military Votes a Priority

Update, 8/28: I have uploaded a copy of the official DoD letter denying Buescher's waiver request. A few weeks ago, Bill Ritter-appointed Secretary of State Bernie Buescher brought his own campaign into the news limelight by requesting a waiver from the law requiring ballots be sent out to military personnel no later than 45 days before the general election. By doing so, Buescher opened the door to accusations that he was trying "to shaft military voters." Last week Brad Jones from Face The State reported on Buescher's national television appearance on Fox News where he sought to justify the waivers, noting:...it’s hard to understand why Buescher is allowing himself to become the national poster boy for military voting snafus when … [Read more...]

Michigan, My Michigan: A Personally Meaningful Civil War Video Tribute

No political blogging this morning. Instead, a great video tribute to Michigan soldiers who served in the Civil War, with historical music provided by actor and native Michigander Jeff Daniels: It's hard for me not to be moved by this tribute, having studied the U.S. Civil War so extensively, having traveled to so many of its battlefield sites, having four ancestors who served in the War (including three who died in the service -- one in the 9th Michigan Volunteer Infantry), and having my alma mater Hillsdale College so prominently represented in the 4th Michigan and other regiments:A higher percentage of Hillsdale students enlisted during the Civil War than from any other western college. Of the more than 400 who fought for the … [Read more...]

Colo. House Dem Leader Waging PC Fight against “War on Terror” Memorial?

In case you're like me and didn't listen to the Peter Boyles Show this morning, then you've probably missed this gem from our state legislature. As reported by Colorado Senate News:A memorial to honor soldiers that have sacrificed their lives fighting the War on Terror could be derailed following objections from one Democrat lawmaker. “It is disrespectful to the families of fallen soldiers to drag this memorial into the political mud,” said Sen. Mike Kopp, R-Littleton. Kopp sponsored the 2007 legislation that created the War on Terror Fallen Heroes Memorial. Rep. Paul Weissmann, D-Louisville, was the only lawmaker to oppose the proposal. Now Weissmann is saying the memorial should be renamed since President Barack Obama declared an … [Read more...]

Anti-IRS Domestic Terrorist Suicide Attack Time for Moral Clarity

So today we have the sad story of a frustrated nutcase named Joseph Stack who committed suicide by flying his plane into an Austin, TX, building that houses some IRS offices -- after leaving behind a rambling manifesto. Hopefully a singular outlier, and not an inspiration or the start of a trend in these trying economic times. Hot Air's Allahpundit deconstructs Washington Post contributor Jonathan Capehart's column, which insinuates some sort of connection with the Tea Party movement and omits key passages and phrases that show the suicide attacker was anything but a lockstep Right-winger. Closer to home, we have John Tomasic at the Colorado Independent. To his credit, Tomasic notes that Stack "was not right or left." But then he … [Read more...]

Help Haiti Earthquake Victims

Everybody knows about the devastating earthquake in Haiti, so I don't need to recount If you can find it in your heart and the means to provide, will you please join me and thousands of other generous Americans in giving to one of the worthy organizations out there that provide urgent relief? Two of the causes I recommend: World Vision provides "life-saving relief supplies – including food, clean water, blankets, and tents — to children and families devastated by the earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti." Project C.U.R.E. delivers "much-needed medical relief." And, of course, please keep the victims, rescue workers and families in your prayers. … [Read more...]

Lang Sias Joins Crowded GOP Field in Colorado 7th Congressional Race

ARVADA--Add one more to the list of Republican candidates for Colorado's 7th Congressional District. This morning at DiCicco's Restaurant in Old Town Arvada, U.S. Navy veteran and former McCain presidential senior staff member Lang Sias told a crowd of about 20 supporters that he was officially throwing his hat into the ring to challenge incumbent Congressman Ed Perlmutter. Sias -- an Arvada resident and father of two (soon to be three) -- touted the need for "mature, commonsense, fiscally conservative principles" in Washington, D.C., as well as for bringing down the federal debt and reforming tax and trade policies. Calling on his national security credentials, he observed: "There is evil in the world, and we can't ignore it or charm it … [Read more...]

The Substance Missing from Obama’s Afghanistan Speech at West Point

I listened carefully to Barack Obama's West Point speech yesterday evening -- at least as best I could while indulging the important concerns of the two Little Virtuses and ultimately having to turn off the radio to sit down for dinner. By that point I could tell the speech had dragged on too long for the relatively small amount of substance it contained. I don't need to go into great depth: Powerline's Paul Mirengoff and Red State's Erick Erickson offer excellent analyses of the politics, policies and rhetoric. (And Don Johnson asks where Colorado Republican Senatorial hopefuls Jane Norton, Ken Buck and Tom Wiens come down on Afghanistan.) Meanwhile, if you want to find the depth of substance on the military challenges we face, and … [Read more...]

Happy Veterans Day

Ninety-one years ago today "the war to end all wars" officially ended. Among the millions of dead were more than 100,000 brave American military servicemen out of hundreds of thousands who honorably served (including two of my great uncles: Bill DeGrow and John E. "Ed" DeGrow). In 1954 the commemoration, originally called Armistice Day, expanded to celebrate the service of all American veterans and became known as Veterans Day. Today I join with the millions of other Americans who honor the men and women who have worn the uniform for their sacrificial service on behalf of our nation. I am especially grateful this year to see so many businesses offering promotions that benefit our active duty personnel and veterans. It almost goes … [Read more...]