Please Consider Supporting My Friend Libby Szabo for House District 27

I'm excited to be able to share the news that conservative Republican Libby Szabo -- one of my favorite people -- has announced she is running to be my next state representative. She will be a formidable challenger to incumbent Democrat and Ritter disciple Sara Gagliardi in a very winnable race. Below the fold is a copy of Libby's press release announcing her campaign: … [Read more...]

Time to Get Up to Speed on Proposed Colorado FASTER Late Fee Repeals

(H/T Complete Colorado) The new Colorado News Agency gets the scoop and breaks down the details on a series of bills and debates that will make one of the hottest stories out of the legislative session this year: the proposed repeals of late fees in Governor Bill Ritter and the Democrats' 2009 FASTER legislation. Pardon the pun, but the state's fiscally conservative bloggers definitely need to get up to speed on this issue... and fast. … [Read more...]

Barone: Current Health Care Fiasco Resembles 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act

Writing for the Washington Examiner, Michael Barone makes an astute historical observation:It's time to blow the whistle on two erroneous statements that opponents and proponents of the health care legislation being jammed through Congress have been making. Republicans have been saying that never before has Congress passed such an unpopular bill with such important ramifications by such a narrow majority. Barack Obama has been saying that passage of the bill will mean that the health care issue will be settled once and for all. The Republicans and Obama are both wrong. But perhaps they can be forgiven because the precedent for Congress passing an unpopular bill is an old one, and the issue it addressed has long been settled, though not … [Read more...]

Harry Reid Has 60 Votes for Obama Care? Now It’s Time to Speak Out!

Harry Reid says he has 60 votes to pass the Obama Care monstrosity -- Is he telling the truth? We'll see. But if it wasn't a given before, then passing this bill means Colorado will spend most of 2010 preparing to say "good-bye" to the short-lived disastrous Senate term of Michael Bennet. As Red State reports, three key procedural votes remain: Early Monday morning to end debate on a "manager's package" of amendments (383 pages being read and live-blogged by RMA's Don Johnson, if you want to see some of what's being shoved down our throats) Tuesday to end debate on Reid's health care proposal as amended by the "manager's package" Wednesday for final passage of Obama Care in the U.S. Senate So speak up. Go here to take action and … [Read more...]

State Supremes’ ID Theft Ruling Lifts Case for Clear The Bench Colorado

One of the most tireless conservative grassroots organizers I know today received a small but certainly plum reward for his hard work. I'm talking about Matt Arnold from Clear the Bench Colorado, and the plug he received in a Valerie Richardson Washington Times article about another controversial Colorado Supreme Court decision: … [Read more...]

New Al Gansee: Lighthearted Reading to While Away Thanksgiving Break

No politics today, nothing that juicy or intriguing to break the fast on the eve of Thanksgiving. If you're bored over the holiday and looking for some amusing reading -- especially if you're looking to stage a new play or produce a new movie -- then check out the two-act script I completed earlier this year titled Al Gansee: The Shot Heard 'Round Cambria. The synopsis will give you the flavor:In the early 1960s, a tiny Midwestern farm community has been transformed into a Marxist workers' paradise upon the return of a charismatic native son and his Russian KGB companion. Now leading a Socialist Union that bears his name, Chief Comrade Al Gansee confronts the desire for territorial expansion and transmission of his ideals. Gansee, his … [Read more...]

SD 16: Cheri Gerou, Don Ytterberg Out; Evergreen Businessman Tim Leonard In

The exciting opportunity for a Republican pickup in Senate District 16 with a departing incumbent Democrat Dan Gibbs has taken some interesting turns in the past week. State senate minority leader Josh Penry's most highly touted replacement was Cheri Gerou. But the HD 25 representative told me today her current seat is "where I plan to stay." So count out Gerou. Then there's Ali Hasan who, while refuting my initial speculations that he might contend, had suggested Jeffco GOP chair Don Ytterberg as a great candidate. However, Ytterberg says he has no desire to take another shot at SD 16 and is dedicated to his current work. "I made the commitment to work for the success of our party and I will do that to the best of my ability," he … [Read more...]

Please Welcome the Two Newest Rocky Mountain Alliance Bloggers

For the first time in quite awhile, the Rocky Mountain Alliance has started to grow again. We have two new members who represent excellent additions. I invite you to check them out and add them to your regular blog reading (if you haven't already): The Business Word by Don Johnson has become a must-read for anyone seeking coverage of the unfolding major Republican primary races in Colorado, with great analysis and interviews Michelle Morin is a leader in the Teller County Tea Party movement Coalition for a Conservative Majority in Colorado Springs, and her site Mom 4 Freedom has been a leading Colorado-based voice in the fight against Obama Care and other proposed costly government intrusions into our freedom The Rocky Mountain … [Read more...]

Talking to Former GOP Guv Candidate Josh Penry on Decision to Drop Out

This morning I had the opportunity to follow up on this week's Colorado political bombshell with the man at the center of the storm: state senate minority leader Josh Penry, of whom word leaked Monday that he had decided to withdraw from the Republican primary campaign for governor. As a personal supporter of Penry's candidacy and seeing evidence of his tremendous support among Colorado's grassroots Republicans, I was greatly shocked and disappointed. In fact, it's safe to say I'm still reeling from the revelation. Anyway, without further ado, here's a quick recap of my interview this morning (please note that the following is somewhat excerpted and a close paraphrase rather than a direct quote): … [Read more...]

Rally With the Tea Party Express in Denver’s Civic Center Today at 5 PM

The Tea Party Express rolls into Denver today for a 5 PM Election Day 2009 rally featuring Joe The Plumber. Angry about the Pelosi-Obama health care monstrosity? Fed up with the billions in "stimulus" money that's done so little for jobs and the economy? Here's your chance to show your support for limited government, liberty and fiscal responsibility:Date/Time: Tuesday, November 3rd at 5:00 pm Rally Location: Civic Center – Greek Theater 100 W 14th Ave Denver, CO 80204 As Joshua points out, today is a busy day of important elections (not to mention the school board election here in Jefferson County) here in Colorado and back East. If you are able to vote in one of these important races (or know someone who is) and haven't … [Read more...]