Scott Brown “Massachusetts Miracle” Could Spell Doom for Michael Bennet

So I take a weekend away from blogging, and the national political landscape quaked with a Democrat-sponsored poll showing Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown in a statistical dead heat with Democrat Martha Coakley. Yes: in Massachusetts! Now let's be honest: odds are still against a GOP win in the Bay State, but the fact that victory is in the sights a week before the special election to replace Ted Kennedy sends a loud message in itself. Now word leaks that the Democrats actually are considering delay of seating Brown, should he win, to take another step toward cramming Obama Care down our collective throats. Redstate blogger Dan Perrin aptly describes the political consequences of such a tactic as "lighting a torch while standing is … [Read more...]

Dem Legislator Edward Vigil on Party’s Likely Nominee: “What the Hick?”

Some Right-leaning bloggers have raised concerns that the likely new Democratic nominee for Colorado governor -- Denver mayor John Hickenlooper -- may be too liberal to win a statewide election. But it took fellow Democrat state lawmaker Edward Vigil to question Hickenlooper's familiarity with rural Colorado and ask: "What the Hick is going for governor? Does he know there is a rural Colorado? Has he been past Colorado Springs?" I'm not exactly taking notes here. It's not like the thought hadn't crossed anyone else's mind. But sometimes discerning observations speak more loudly when you consider the source. … [Read more...]

Betsy Markey: I voted against TARP before I didn’t vote on it at all

Chalk it up to a slip of the tongue or wishful thinking or just the growing pressures of the 2010 campaign season, but Colorado's Democratic 4th District Congresswoman Betsy Markey got a little bit confused yesterday morning in her appearance on 600 KCOL's "Mornings with Keith and Gail," a local Fort Collins radio talk show: It's not exactly a flip-flop at the caliber of 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it." But it does make you wonder a bit.... … [Read more...]

Liberal Blogger’s Memo to Colorado Tea-Partiers: More Than a Grain of Salt?

Because of his integrity, decency and candor, David Thielen is my favorite liberal blogger in Colorado. We can disagree from here to Sunday, but he is honest and reasonably fair, and calls 'em like he sees 'em. Yesterday he posted a memo to the "Colorado Tea-Partiers" (the fact alone that he self-consciously avoids using the obscene derogatory term used by many others on the Left speaks highly of him) about the different Republican candidates in the two major races: U.S. Senate and Governor. Please check out the memo and offer your honest reactions. I would dispute a few of Thielen's characterizations, but he does have quite a few honest insights to offer. My Tea Party friends may want to head over there and sound off in the … [Read more...]

GOP Shouldn’t Underestimate John Hickenlooper: How Formidable Is He?

Writing at The Corner on National Review, former Colorado state representative Rob Witwer sounds a note of caution for his fellow Republicans about the new political landscape surrounding the governor's race:When [Denver mayor John] Hickenlooper first ran for office in 2003, the geologist-turned-restaurateur was dismissed by some as a political neophyte. But his humor, approachability, and business savvy helped him dominate in a field of seasoned, longtime Denver politicians — he cruised to victory without breaking a sweat. Since then, he’s enjoyed perhaps the longest honeymoon in Colorado political history. Whether or not Hickenlooper’s longstanding popularity in a one-party city will translate into success in a competitive state race … [Read more...]

Rasmussen’s First Post-Ritter Reaction: McInnis Leads All Three Dem Hopefuls

While Coloradans casually wait to see if Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will use his White House permission slip to run for governor in Bill Ritter's place (though Marc Ambinder says it's a no go) -- or leave it to Denver mayor John Hickenlooper or someone else to pick up the slack -- Rasmussen weighs in (H/T Campaign Spot) with the first hard polling data on likely post-Ritter match-ups for Republican frontrunner Scott McInnis: … [Read more...]

2010: Time to Take the New Survey of Colorado’s Political Temperature

This post will stick to the top until January 15. Please scroll down for newer postings. Okay, you political junkies out there: Come on, admit it. You've missed the Survey of Colorado's Political Temperature since we announced the last results in November. Well, the survey is back and better than ever -- with fewer, better-organized issue statements, as well as the opportunity to predict head-to-head general election matchups in all the different Colorado races. You only have until next Friday, January 15, at 5:00 PM local Mountain time to get it done. You know you can't resist. What are you waiting for? Click here to take the January survey The best news of all is that with the 2010 election year upon us, the Survey of … [Read more...]

Flashback: Diana DeGette says Hickenlooper “at least as liberal as me”

Sometimes a look back into the recent past can help glean some important insights into the present. Such is the case with Colorado politics and the potential slate of candidates to replace Governor Bill Ritter as the 2010 Democratic nominee for the state's chief executive. Do you remember a little over a year ago when so many Democrats were angling for now-lame duck Ritter's appointment to the U.S. Senate? Like liberal Denver Democrat Congresswoman Diana DeGette -- who has a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 3.64 out of 100, lower than Barack Obama. In December 2008 she told the Denver Post that mayor and prospective gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper is "probably at least as liberal as me": … [Read more...]

Three-Way GOP Race for Treasurer: Stay Focused on Cary Kennedy

Overshadowed by the big breaking news of the evening, a third Republican has thrown his hat into the ring for the state treasurer's race: Ali Hasan. Rocky Mountain Right reported it six days ago, but the official announcement came by press release earlier this afternoon, with news of a key endorsement:Avon small businessman Ali Hasan will formally announce his intention to be Colorado’s next State Treasurer in seven cities, over two days, starting in Colorado Springs. Republican Minority Leader Mike May will be on hand in Colorado Springs to endorse and introduce Ali Hasan. The 3-way Republican primary for state treasurer still leaves me undecided, but hoping that the primary stays clean and remains focused on unseating Cary "drive a … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Bill Ritter Not to Seek Re-election?

Update III, 7:45 AM: Joshua breaks down the pluses and minuses of potential replacement bids by Hickenlooper and Romanoff. Meanwhile, Michael at Best Destiny tells conservatives: "Don't start celebrating yet" Update II, 10:30 PM: Rossputin offers his analysis of the breaking news and handicaps the early possible Democrat rivals in general election matchups versus Scott McInnis. Rocky Mountain Right has its money on Ken Salazar. Don Johnson at Business Word also weighs in with some thoughts: "Pretty impressive" for McInnis, he writes. Update, 8:15 PM: The decision apparently is not "fundraising related". Is it scandal related? This story will be unfolding for awhile.... Wow, this news should get the local blogosphere buzzing... … [Read more...]