HD 22 Candidate Loren Bauman: TABOR Has Done “Some Things That Have Hurt the Republican Party”

Yes, it's been several months since I've posted here. Life is busy, and the political season has been slow in these parts. Last time I checked in it was to report that conservative state house candidate Justin Everett had taken top line on the ballot at the Jefferson County GOP Assembly. His race against Loren Bauman turns out to be the county's only primary race on the June 26 mail-in ballot. If you needed more reason to see the clear difference between the two Republican candidates in HD 22, this 13-second clip (MP3) from a May 29 debate of Bauman summarizing his assessment of the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR) should raise some eyebrows: … [Read more...]

Jeffco GOP Assembly Recap: Conservative Justin Everett Takes Top Line in House District 22

This past Saturday many Colorado county political parties held their biennial assemblies for the purpose of approving resolutions and nominating candidates for the primary ballot. For the fifth consecutive time, I attended the Jefferson County Republican Assembly as a voting delegate. The new and spacious Lakewood church venue was needed, with more than 1,200 certified delegates in attendance. The strong turnout was most impressive in terms of first-time delegates, which an impromptu show of hands revealed made up somewhere around two-thirds of those attending north Jeffco's Senate District 19 assembly. Similar anecdotes and reports from other districts suggest the large-scale infusion of fresh grassroots political blood was a … [Read more...]

Road to the Colorado Statehouse: Dem Allport Will Have to Pick Up Pace to Challenge Libby Szabo in HD 27

I'm back. This time I mean it. With Colorado's legislative session in gear and both chambers of the General Assembly up for grabs in this fall's election, there is no time to dive into the fray like the present. While Mount Virtus may never be as prolific a place as it's ever been. You can follow some of my other writings as follows: Education Policy Center (including the blog Ed Is Watching) for coverage of the world of education policy, school choice and reform issues Also occasionally on the Ed News Colorado blog Writings on teachers unions and related government labor issues at Public Sector Inc A new less-than-regular column on education labor and related issues at Colorado Peak Politics Nevertheless, this year you can count … [Read more...]

2010 Colo. GOP Rising Stars Return? Lang Sias Weighs SD 19 Challenge, Owen Hill Dives into SD 10 Fray

Shortly after the 2010 elections I came up with a short list of Colorado GOP candidates who fell short but still faced bright political futures. At the top of the list was Ryan Frazier, who this year ended up coming in second in a six-way race to be the new mayor of Aurora (one of the nominees for Colorado political stories of the year that YOU can vote on). While CD 1's hard-working Dr. Mike Fallon (#2 on the list) looks to be keeping true to his word to be a one-time candidate, the conservatives occupying the next two spots both could be back in the fray for 2012. It was more than 13 months ago I observed about CD 7 primary runner-up Lang Sias (#4): … [Read more...]

Colorado Teachers Union Political Refund Opportunity Ends December 15

Last week I filmed a 14-minute segment with my boss at the Independence Institute, Jon Caldara, on his show Devil's Advocate. The topic for discussion was the timely news that members of the Colorado Education Association (CEA) have until tomorrow (December 15) to get back money automatically collected with their dues to support (almost completely one-sided) state and local political campaigns. As I often say, if you like how the union spends your money on politics, you have no reason to complain and absolutely nothing to do. But for those teachers who would rather support their own political causes, or use the money to pay for Christmas shopping or just save for a rainy day, then members need to be informed of their opportunity. One … [Read more...]

Choice Media TV Tells Douglas County Voucher Story: Spread Hopeful Word

What a week. It may be just enough to motivate me to get this blog back running in full gear. Sorry to disappoint some of you. My election night fresh analysis post got some attention, then Michelle Malkin cited some earlier work I had done on Prop 103 and education funding. Today, it gets better (or maybe worse, depending on your perspective), as my mug is featured in an excellent 8-minute Choice Media TV video feature about the Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program: You certainly don't need to watch it for my sake, but please watch it to help keep hope alive... and spread the word. Why? As I wrote in an in-depth post-election analysis for Ed News Colorado, the message has been sent that it's time to do something different, more … [Read more...]

Colorado K-12 Election Roundup: Fiscal Restraint Beats Prop 103, Most Local Taxes; Reformers Win Key Races

Update, 11/2: One quick correction, as Englewood voters appear to have approved the construction bond / BEST grant, but turned down the mill levy override. Also, a great roundup of school board election results in El Paso County from the Gazette. From school board races to mill levy and bond measures, there are a number of issues pertaining to education in Colorado being decided this evening. Well known is the fate of the Proposition 103 "For the Children" tax hike -- which not only crashed and burned but also disintegrated in a ball of blue-hot flame (64% No vote at last count). Two out of three Denver Public Schools board seats went to the reform ticket, with a third between challenger Jennifer Draper-Carson and incumbent Arturo … [Read more...]

Colorado Prop 103: Weak Case for Tax Hike’s Job-Killing “Domino” Effect

Update, 11/2: Welcome, Michelle Malkin readers... Thanks for the link! Colorado has one issue on the statewide ballot this year: Proposition 103, a large tax hike sold as a way to increase revenues for K-12 and higher education. Unfortunately, there are two major problems with this proposal that render it unworthy of support. First, it's a job-killer that very well could prolong and deepen our state's current recession. An Independence Institute issue paper by Dr. Barry Poulson finds that more than 11,000 jobs will be killed, a devastating analysis of the Prop 103 "domino" effect most creatively expressed in this amazing 3-minute video: Second, the case for more K-12 education funding rests on a very weak foundation that lacks … [Read more...]

Colorado Child Stars Win Power Line 7th Place for Portraying Fiscal Abuse

As the ominous debt ceiling deadline approaches, the release of the winners of the Power Line Prize contest ("$100,000 will be awarded to whoever can most effectively and creatively dramatize the significance of the federal debt crisis") could not have been better timed. While prominent bloggers are helping the Power Line crew count down the top entries, I have a very special and personal attachment to the 7th place winner, released today: I'm heavily biased (take time to read the brief credits), so I'm really curious to see what six entries could have finished ahead of this "Fiscal Child Abuse" video masterpiece. Maybe the girls are so cute that they somehow downplay the gravity of the message? I don't buy it, but that's the only … [Read more...]