Rasmussen: Colorado Voters Saying ‘None of the Above’ for Governor?

(H/T Complete Colorado) My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I saw Curtis Hubbard's coverage of the new Rasmussen poll on the Denver Post's political blog. Likely Colorado voters seem to be demanding another option. Look at the breakdown: John Hickenlooper (D): 36 percent Dan Maes (R): 24 percent Tom Tancredo (AC): 14 percent Do the math. That means not only has support dropped for all three candidates, but that one in four voters isn't settled on any of the choices. Add in those who say they are leaning in one direction or another, and it doesn't get a lot better (in fact, it gets worse if you're Tom Tancredo): John Hickenlooper (D): 40 percent Dan Maes (R): 32 percent Tom Tancredo (AC): 9 percent That still leaves one … [Read more...]

Ryan Frazier 40, Ed Perlmutter 39: Liberal CD-7 Incumbent Feels the Heat

National Review Online's Michael Sandoval breaks more news this afternoon by bringing our attention to a new Magellan Strategies poll of my own 7th Congressional District. Bottom line: Republican Ryan Frazier edges out incumbent Ed "Don't Call Me Pelosi" Perlmutter, 40-39. Some observations on the survey: The voter sample was 38 percent Democrat, 35 percent Republican and 27 percent Unaffiliated, a reasonable model given expected high GOP voter intensity. If you weight the voting sample in line with actual active voter registrations (which would assume Democrats and independents are as enthused about voting this year as Republicans), Perlmutter still only leads 40-38. In other words, this race is absolutely a statistical tie. The … [Read more...]

WhoSaidYouSaid Nails Hickenlooper: Your Taxes “as Low as They Can Go”?

Compliments of the creative team at WhoSaidYouSaid, here's a great new video with a candid response from Denver mayor and Colorado Democrat gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper: According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, Hickenlooper currently leads Republican Dan Maes, 41-33, with 3rd-party candidate Tom Tancredo picking up 16 percent. In a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, Hickenlooper and Maes are tied at 45. … [Read more...]

Support State House Candidates at R Block Party Event: It’s That Important

My friends at R Block Party are putting on their second annual picnic tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, August 25) as a fundraiser for state house candidates. Many of you know I have devoted several postings to analyze this year's showdown for the Colorado state house and Colorado state senate. Many of these races remain critically important even as they are outshone by higher-profile statewide races (and have become even more important in light of the folly that is the governor's race in this state) -- including the 22 candidates participating at R Block Party tomorrow. The state representatives of today also help form the bench for runs at higher office in the future. The R Block Party's second annual picnic includes a live and silent … [Read more...]

Colorado Cost of Government Day

According to Americans for Tax Reform, today (Saturday, August 21) is Colorado's official Cost of Government Day (the national Cost of Government Day was Thursday):This is the day on which the average American has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of the spending and regulatory burdens imposed by government at the federal, state, and local levels. The cost of government at all levels consumes about 64 percent of the average Coloradan's gross income (compared to the national average of 63.41 percent). There's a less-than-inspiring thought for the day. If that doesn't help focus your energies on advancing liberty and limited government for the upcoming fall elections, I'm not sure what will. … [Read more...]

Ed Perlmutter’s Bush-Bashing Overlooked in 7th CD Debate Coverage

Update, 8/21: Lynn Bartels' story in today's edition of the Post fills out a little bit more detail and gives more attention to both the major party candidates... including a lede that identifies Perlmutter's Bush-bashing blameshifting (which makes the headline above obsolete). Guess the blog focus on the Libertarian candidate was supposed to be the teaser for today's story (?). I also was promised some video footage from the Frazier campaign, and will post that here when it arrives. This morning featured the first showdown of Colorado 7th Congressional candidates at a chamber of commerce-sponsored debate. It was practically in my backyard, but who has $20 or more to swing for such luxuries? The only coverage of the debate I've found … [Read more...]

Tea Party / Liberty Group Leaders, Chime In On State Legislative Races

To the extent that I have communicated with leaders of Colorado Tea Parties and other liberty groups, I have sought to emphasize the importance of making an impact on state legislative races. In fact, followers of this blog know I have put out several updates ranking the likelihood of seats changing in the state senate and state house. My next, and likely final, analyses are slated to come out in September. Anyway, Ballotpedia's Leslie Graves this week announces a study that should attract significant interest and involvement: "Is the tea party movement impacting state legislative elections?" More information is here, including a direct link to a survey that I encourage all Colorado Tea Party and other liberty group leaders to chime in … [Read more...]

Clear The Bench Colorado Poll Results: Classic Case of Good News, Bad News

Clear the Bench Colorado today reports the results of a statewide poll that carries some good and bad news. Because the Magellan Strategies survey tests public opinion on the low-exposure issue of judicial retention, to some extent the results would have to be interesting. We're not talking about the popularity of candidates vying in well-publicized elections, which often feature a significant undecided vote. What do you do when 65 percent of likely voters confess they don't even know three Colorado Supreme Court justices are up for retention? You've got to get the message out. Well, for the 894 voters tested from all around Colorado, learning a little basic information makes a difference: … [Read more...]

Dan Maes Racks Up Key Support; Tambor Williams as Running Mate?

News this afternoon from the Dan Maes for Governor camp brings news of the Party core growing more united around his candidacy, with a couple of giant endorsements reported on Facebook: But all the speculation now is around tomorrow's deadline for Maes to announce who his running mate will be. As Amy Oliver ably speculates, one of the two finalists almost certainly is Tambor Williams of Greeley. While she won't wow anyone with big name recognition, she would balance Maes' weaknesses with her experience as a four-term state legislator, head of the Department of Regulatory Agencies and appointed service on the state's Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission, in addition to her private legal practice. In 2002 Williams signed the … [Read more...]

Colorado Unions Abuse Non-Union School Employee Paychecks

This is a sticky post. Please scroll down for newer content. I know I'm biased, but watching this video is 4 minutes well spent if you want to understand how some Colorado unions representing teachers and other school employees put money and power before common decency. Watch non-union Pueblo school employee Becky Robertson tell about the year she missed the September deadline to opt out of paying union fees because of family medical emergencies, and what happened when she asked for the money back: Thank you, Colorado teachers unions (not to mention the school district negotiators that agree to make these deals). And yes, it's entirely legal in Colorado. For more information on the school districts where non-union teachers and … [Read more...]