Tea Party / Liberty Group Leaders, Chime In On State Legislative Races

To the extent that I have communicated with leaders of Colorado Tea Parties and other liberty groups, I have sought to emphasize the importance of making an impact on state legislative races. In fact, followers of this blog know I have put out several updates ranking the likelihood of seats changing in the state senate and state house. My next, and likely final, analyses are slated to come out in September. Anyway, Ballotpedia's Leslie Graves this week announces a study that should attract significant interest and involvement: "Is the tea party movement impacting state legislative elections?" More information is here, including a direct link to a survey that I encourage all Colorado Tea Party and other liberty group leaders to chime in … [Read more...]

Clear The Bench Colorado Poll Results: Classic Case of Good News, Bad News

Clear the Bench Colorado today reports the results of a statewide poll that carries some good and bad news. Because the Magellan Strategies survey tests public opinion on the low-exposure issue of judicial retention, to some extent the results would have to be interesting. We're not talking about the popularity of candidates vying in well-publicized elections, which often feature a significant undecided vote. What do you do when 65 percent of likely voters confess they don't even know three Colorado Supreme Court justices are up for retention? You've got to get the message out. Well, for the 894 voters tested from all around Colorado, learning a little basic information makes a difference: … [Read more...]

Dan Maes Racks Up Key Support; Tambor Williams as Running Mate?

News this afternoon from the Dan Maes for Governor camp brings news of the Party core growing more united around his candidacy, with a couple of giant endorsements reported on Facebook: But all the speculation now is around tomorrow's deadline for Maes to announce who his running mate will be. As Amy Oliver ably speculates, one of the two finalists almost certainly is Tambor Williams of Greeley. While she won't wow anyone with big name recognition, she would balance Maes' weaknesses with her experience as a four-term state legislator, head of the Department of Regulatory Agencies and appointed service on the state's Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission, in addition to her private legal practice. In 2002 Williams signed the … [Read more...]

Colorado Unions Abuse Non-Union School Employee Paychecks

This is a sticky post. Please scroll down for newer content. I know I'm biased, but watching this video is 4 minutes well spent if you want to understand how some Colorado unions representing teachers and other school employees put money and power before common decency. Watch non-union Pueblo school employee Becky Robertson tell about the year she missed the September deadline to opt out of paying union fees because of family medical emergencies, and what happened when she asked for the money back: Thank you, Colorado teachers unions (not to mention the school district negotiators that agree to make these deals). And yes, it's entirely legal in Colorado. For more information on the school districts where non-union teachers and … [Read more...]

Absurd Accusation Against Candidate Owen Hill Shines Light on Shoddy Journalism, Political Hackery

Republican state senate candidate Owen Hill was blindsided yesterday by a Colorado Springs Gazette story with fabricated claims that Hill plagiarized statements off his Libertarian opponent's website. A friend of mine, quoted in the story, does his job of defending his Party's position and candidate, but issued his quote carefully:“My understanding is, from Doug, that Doug had written the stuff, and he noticed it was on his opponent’s website and was not pleased with that discovery,” said David K. Williams Jr., chairman of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. [emphasis added] Essentially hearsay. Unfortunately, the Gazette opted for a sensational he said / he said story rather than perform a little basic investigation. Owen Hill's … [Read more...]

New Innovative Data Colorado Poll Gives Reason for GOP Optimism

Update, 8/19: Interestingly, party identification for the poll fits very closely with what would be expected based on national trends and turnout in the recent primary election: Republican (39%), Democrat (36%), Unaffiliated (25%). Since not all respondents answered every question, the actual percentages for individual questions may vary slightly. Thanks to Jim Pfaff for supplying the information. A Colorado political survey released late this past week has garnered little attention. The survey (PDF) of 1,091 likely voters was conducted by my friend and Right-leaning political consultant Jim Pfaff of Innovative Data Solutions. Among the interesting top-line findings: U.S. Senate: Ken Buck leads appointed incumbent Democrat Michael … [Read more...]

J.J. Ament Concedes, Walker Stapleton to Face Cary Kennedy for Treasurer

On his Facebook page, just a few minutes ago J.J. Ament published a concession to Walker Stapleton in Colorado's Republican state treasurer primary:... would like to thank the countless volunteers across the state who made this a competitive race and I wish Walker all the best in defeating Cary Kennedy in November. At this hour the Denver Post reports with 77 percent reporting that Walker Stapleton has a 50.7-49.2 lead over Ament. Not to toot my own horn, but I did predict that Stapleton would beat Ament 51-49. Hey, I had to nail one race right on, didn't I? … [Read more...]

Ryan Frazier Celebrates Primary Victory, Ready to Work to Oust Ed Perlmutter

Update: Video and photos added below the fold. ARVADA -- Victory was in the air before the party for Republican Colorado 7th Congressional candidate Ryan Frazier could really get underway. He even beat my conservative expectations. With 65 percent of precincts reporting, Frazier has a 65-35 lead and a declared victory over honorable second place contender Lang Sias. I am working to upload the video of Frazier's victory speech, but for now here are some transcribed quotes to whet your appetite. (You also can see the official statement on the Frazier website.) … [Read more...]

Colorado Primary Predictions: My Complete, Final (and Wrong?) Guesses

We are on the eve of Colorado's 2010 primary elections. A couple weeks ago I posted my preferences and prognostications. While my ballot choices haven't changed (I filled them out in ink, after all), but I'd like to issue my complete, revised and final predictions. And yes, I see a lot of close races: U.S. Senate Democratic: Michael Bennet 51, Andrew Romanoff 49 U.S. Senate GOP: Ken Buck 50+, Jane Norton 49+ Governor GOP: Scott McInnis 51, Dan Maes 49 Congressional District 3 GOP: Scott Tipton 59, Bob McConnell 41 Congressional District 7 GOP: Ryan Frazier 58, Lang Sias 42 State Treasurer GOP: Walker Stapleton 51, J.J. Ament 49 State Senate District 6 GOP: Dean Boehler 53, Ellen Roberts 47 State Senate District 20 Democratic: Dave … [Read more...]