Local Veteran Blogger Goes Pro as NRO Colorado Election Correspondent

One of Colorado's best and hardest-working people in new media has gone pro. Michael Sandoval, originally an innovative and successful blogger at Slapstick Politics and more recently managing editor of People's Press Collective, is now on the Colorado 2010 election beat for National Review Online. His first posting helps to get a national audience up to speed on our state's U.S. Senate race. (By the way, thanks to Michael, for the incoming link.) Here's guessing he's not itching to provide similar treatment of Colorado's roller-coaster gubernatorial campaign. Anyway, over the next few months I look forward to good original reporting and more insightful analysis from NRO's home-grown Colorado correspondent. And I encourage my readers … [Read more...]

Greg Brophy for Governor?

Colorado needs a candidate for governor who fits all of the above: Grounded in, and committed to, conservative principles Understands state issues and how state government works Has demonstrated leadership Has experience in business Can garner funds and sufficient broad-based support to wage an effective late campaign Isn't tainted by ethics scandals Is more likely to attract independent voters rather than repel them with wild, off-the-cuff remarks Can unite the Republican banner under conservative, limited government principles Given the circumstances, I have had a difficult time coming up with any really great options. But here's an idea: What about state senator (and assistant minority leader) Greg Brophy? … [Read more...]

Gallup Survey of Institutions: Congress Rock-Bottom, Presidency Falling Fast

For what it's worth, if you want a glimpse of the public mindset concerning 16 major institutions in American society, you should check out the new Gallup survey (H/T Mike Antonucci). The following are some salient observations on how favorably Americans view the 16 major institutions: … [Read more...]

Preferences and Prognostications: Colorado Republican Primary 2010

Last night I decided the mail-in ballot had been sitting too long on my counter, so I went ahead and filled in the bubbles. Time to drop it off now, and contribute my two cents to Colorado's Republican primary election 2010. Without further ado, here are the decisions I arrived at personally, with some explanation as needed, followed by my predictions: … [Read more...]

9-12 and Tea Party Groups to Tancredo: Reconsider Your Ultimatum

Lu Busse, Chair of the 9.12 Project Colorado Coalition, this evening dispatched an open letter to Tom Tancredo in response to the former Congressman's serious threat to run as a 3rd party candidate for governor if Scott McInnis and Dan Maes don't announce they will drop out of the race by tomorrow at noon. The letter is copied in full below the fold: … [Read more...]

Colorado’s Falling Worker Freedom Grade Highlights Bill Ritter Legacy

Americans for Tax Reform is out with its annual Index of Worker Freedom this week. The idea is to look on a state-by-state basis to determine the extent of employee individual rights and freedoms in workplaces based on the laws and policies of their respective states. ATR looks at whether a state has Right-to-Work laws, paycheck protection, what the share of public and private sector union membership is, etc. In December 2007, when the Index was first released, Colorado received an A-minus (MP3). This year? … [Read more...]

Buck 46, Norton 37: Weld DA Carries Small Edge Into Homestretch

The Ken Buck for U.S. Senate campaign has released a new poll conducted by Magellan Strategies that shows little has changed in his race since June. The top line result indicates voter preference for Buck over Jane Norton by the margin of 46-37. Last month Buck led Norton 42-32. As expected, the share of undecided GOP primary voters has shrunk over the past six weeks. Interestingly, the Weld County DA has a 20-plus point lead among voters ages 18 to 44, but his edge is in single digits among older voters. The only other change of note is a slightly better move in favorable ratings for Jane Norton. In June, the former lieutenant governor had a 37 favorable / 31 unfavorable rating. In the new poll her respective ratings are 45 / 34. … [Read more...]

Michael Bennet-Backed Obama Official, Former SEIU Lawyer to Rule in Client’s Defense Against Aggrieved Nurse

From National Review Online today:Carole Jean Badertscher was a California nurse who just wanted to go to work and take care of her patients — but the SEIU was determined not to let that happen. The union’s contract with Badertscher’s employer, the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, had expired, and the union had called a strike in response. Badertscher and other nurses, unwilling to abandon their patients for the sake of a stronger SEIU hand in contract negotiations, resigned from the union and went to work. In turn, she was threatened by the union bosses, who promised to have her prosecuted under California’s antique professional-strikebreaker statute, which was long ago pre-empted by federal law. Badertscher and other nurses were … [Read more...]

Right Online: Great Vegas Opportunity for Conservatives in New Media

Next weekend is the annual Right Online conference, sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Specifically, it will be held Friday and Saturday, July 23-24, in Las Vegas. This is a great opportunity for conservatives who want to learn how they can help neutralize the advantage the Left has accrued in new media and online tools. A lineup of great speakers is on tap -- including members of Congress Mike Pence and Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, John Fund, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and more. Registration is still open. I'm not able to make the trip (family reasons), which depending on your perspective might be all the more reason to go. But definitely give it a close look and find a great excuse to make a summertime visit to … [Read more...]