State Supremes’ ID Theft Ruling Lifts Case for Clear The Bench Colorado

One of the most tireless conservative grassroots organizers I know today received a small but certainly plum reward for his hard work. I'm talking about Matt Arnold from Clear the Bench Colorado, and the plug he received in a Valerie Richardson Washington Times article about another controversial Colorado Supreme Court decision: … [Read more...]

November Survey: Ken Buck’s Support Rises, Jane Norton Seen as Strongest

Introducing the top-line results from the 3rd edition of the survey of Colorado's political temperature. Participation dropped to 281, but results still demonstrated some remarkable consistency. As always, thanks to those of you who took the time to help out! Coming later in the month will be an analysis of some key crosstabs and correlations. But for now here's a quick rundown of the survey's top-line results: In the U.S. Senate race, with Ryan Frazier dropping out of the race, momentum has grown behind Ken Buck as the candidate with the most support and behind Jane Norton as the strongest candidate -- an interesting dynamic given the credible rumors circulating at Rocky Mountain Right Josh Penry was on track for his best showings … [Read more...]

Colorado Supreme Court & School Funding: Case to Clear the Bench

Despite all the hoopla (much of it well-deserved) about the election results, let's not lose focus on an easily overlooked issue that should factor into some of our important decisions for 2010 -- namely, the Colorado Supreme Court delving into political questions of how our schools are funded in Lobato v State. You now can listen to my recent 8-minute interview on this very topic with Brad Jones on Face The State Weekend edition. Whether or not you get to listen, let me explain -- no, let me sum up: The case for Clear The Bench Colorado is now overwhelming. … [Read more...]

Taking on the Colorado Supreme Court: Mark Hillman, Mike Rosen & Me

Update, 1:50 PM: I also will be talking about the Lobato case and school funding adequacy on Face The State weekend radio with Brad Jones. In the Denver area, that's AM 710 KNUS on Saturday at 5:00 AM and Sunday at noon. Check local listings for additional stations and times. A sense that the Colorado Supreme Court is growing out of control continues to pick up momentum after the October 19 Lobato v State ruling (PDF), in which the 4-3 liberal majority arrogated to itself the power to determine school funding policy. On Wednesday my friend and former state senate leader Mark Hillman ably dissected the dangers in this decision. Yesterday, Colorado's leading conservative talk show host Mike Rosen leaped into the fray with a strong … [Read more...]

Stephanie Villafuerte Nomination Resurrects Voorhis Affair for Bill Ritter

From today's Denver Post:President Barack Obama has nominated Stephanie Villafuerte to be Colorado's next U.S. Attorney. Villafuerte, currently deputy chief of staff to Gov. Bill Ritter, previously served as Denver's chief deputy district attorney. She worked on Ritter's campaign and has focused on community outreach as his deputy chief of staff. [emphasis added] Remember Stephanie Villafuerte? Still scratching your head? While with Ritter's 2006 gubernatorial campaign, she worked with the Denver DA's office as they accessed the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database to go after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent Cory Voorhis. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation went after Cory Voorhis for accessing the … [Read more...]

Clear the Bench Colorado Joins Hugh Hewitt Today on National Airwaves

Last night I kindly berated national talk show host Hugh Hewitt for his ignorance pertaining to Colorado Republican politics. Apparently, he's in our state today and has an opportunity to listen, learn, and change his ways. One guest who is scheduled to appear on his show this afternoon (sometime between 4 and 6 PM on 710 KNUS) is Matt Arnold to promote his important project Clear the Bench Colorado. Go here to find out more about Matt's radio appearance and the cause you should consider supporting. … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Rebukes Sotomayor’s Dismissive Approach to Basic Fairness

More important than the fact that Obama Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's appellate ruling simply was overturned yesterday was that her ruling was that she treated the meritorious (and ultimately victorious) claims of the New Haven fire fighters so dismissively. It seems that in Sotomayor's world race-neutral, merit-based promotion systems are scarcely even worthy of consideration as legal and legitimate. For her, a subjective standard of judicial "empathy" trumps not only basic fairness but also the need to give basic fairness any serious consideration. Below the fold is a video response from the Colorado Judicial Network: … [Read more...]

Strange Twists and Turns Following Obama’s Sonia Sotomayor Nomination

The other day I highlighted Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's indefensible statement and the need for repudiation. But more serious than a statement at Berkeley is Sotomayor's actual judicial record. It certainly is interesting to see serious criticism directed at Barack Obama's nominee from outside the center-right political spectrum -- and not because she is insufficiently liberal. Take the Denver Post's Chuck Plunkett, for example:You’re supposed to say out-there stuff at Berkeley. Otherwise everyone thinks you’re dull and boorish. But while wearing the robes of justice you’re supposed to be fair. And the Ricci v. New Haven decision Sotomayor was involved in looks just terrible – even to some prominent Democrats. … [Read more...]

Sine Die

It sounds like a garbled threat, or possibly a song from the High Mass. Sine die means neither, but it is cause for high celebration: The Colorado state legislature is adjourned for 2009, at least for the regular session. (I'm hearing insiders say that the Governor very well may call a special session in the summer.) In one sense, it's a shame to see the legislature walk away from its responsibility: Democrats have kicked the state's fiscal problems a little ways down the road. But then again, the majority Democrats aren't likely to grow a sense of responsibility any time soon. So staunch the bleeding while there's still time. Because, in fact, Democrats are now openly touting a recent state supreme court decision to say they can … [Read more...]