Medical Malpractice Problems Still Exist, Call for Real Solutions

Medical Malpractice Problems Still Exist, Call for Real Solutions

No system is perfect. Even the relatively well-run U.S. health care system includes its share of practitioner error. In some instances, the results can be devastating. While the top-down, convoluted Obamacare model contains its own fundamental flaws and costly contradictions, that doesn't mean American health care status quo ante was anywhere close to ideal. As the infographic below (by School demonstrates, medical malpractice remains a real concern in the overall scope of our health care system. The call to repeal Obamacare carries with it a strong political appeal, for many reasons, but at best such a move brings us back to square one. We need to look at real solutions, and be willing to think outside the box, to help … [Read more...]

If Obama Didn’t Avoid Gettysburg…

Thank you for indulging me in a moment of satire. For more serious fare, you can read my review of the 2012 movie Lincoln, a brief reflection on the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's First Inaugural Address, and my recommended list of essential Lincoln books. News reports indicated that President Obama had opted to steer clear of the festivities surrounding the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's immortal Gettysburg Address. But at the last moment, searching desperately for some positive publicity to stimulate his flagging poll numbers, the Commander-in-Chief changed his mind. Quietly trying to stay out of the limelight, and pull off a public relations surprise, Obama and his contingent of senior staff and security boarded the high-speed … [Read more...]

New Michael Fallon for Congress Ad: Say, Who’s Your Boss, Diana DeGette?

With the depths of election season upon us, most of the political advertising on TV and radio has us gasping for fresh air and a hot shower. Not so Michael Fallon, whose new attack ad on liberal incumbent Rep. Diana DeGette makes a sharp point effectively without being obnoxious or offensive: The ad follows a clever 30-second spot that aired in September, introducing Fallon to voters in the largely Democratic Denver First Congressional District. I know he has rejected any longer-term aspirations for political office, but the grassroots and leadership of the GOP ought to be able to come together on recruiting Dr. Fallon for a future bid. He is doing the Party and the cause of limited, fiscally responsible government a real service. … [Read more...]

Healthcare Reform and Amendment 63: Felon Fame in a 30-Second Video

With so much going on in the final weeks of election season, you don't want to miss the point of why Colorado needs to adopt Amendment 63 on our statewide ballot. Watch this terrific 30-second healthcare reform video (and I'm not just saying that because my voice plays the all-important role of Felon #1), and pass it on to all your eligible Colorado voting friends and loved ones: If you need the serious in-depth arguments for Amendment 63, read this Denver Post op-ed or visit the informative Patient Power blog. Or just remember... if you hate Obama Care, you'll love Amendment 63! … [Read more...]

Colorado Town Hall Meetings Give Chance to Learn about Obama Care

If there's one easy clear issue to support on the November ballot, it's Amendment 63 -- Colorado's right to health care choice. Among other things, the amendment protects Coloradans from the unprecedented and counterproductive federal mandate to purchase health insurance. You know, the one that came with the Obama Care "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it" package deal? In that spirit, here's a great opportunity to get educated about Obama Care at a series of live town hall gatherings held throughout Colorado on Thursday, September 30, and Friday, October 1. Meetings will take place at various points along the Front Range, from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins and several Denver metro area locations. Check here for the … [Read more...]

Ryan Frazier 40, Ed Perlmutter 39: Liberal CD-7 Incumbent Feels the Heat

National Review Online's Michael Sandoval breaks more news this afternoon by bringing our attention to a new Magellan Strategies poll of my own 7th Congressional District. Bottom line: Republican Ryan Frazier edges out incumbent Ed "Don't Call Me Pelosi" Perlmutter, 40-39. Some observations on the survey: The voter sample was 38 percent Democrat, 35 percent Republican and 27 percent Unaffiliated, a reasonable model given expected high GOP voter intensity. If you weight the voting sample in line with actual active voter registrations (which would assume Democrats and independents are as enthused about voting this year as Republicans), Perlmutter still only leads 40-38. In other words, this race is absolutely a statistical tie. The … [Read more...]

Colorado SD 6 Primary: Ellen Roberts Looks Far Too Cozy with Obama Care

Update, 8/9 AM: Rep Ellen Roberts' response posted in full at the end of this post. With election day practically here, a strange development has been unearthed in the Colorado Senate District 6 Republican primary between Rep. Ellen Roberts and conservative grassroots candidate Dean Boehler. Hopes of successfully resisting Obama Care mandates and advancing free market health care reform well may hinge in part on the result of this primary. What do I mean? Well, first contrast the two candidates' issue statements on the issue of health care, starting with Boehler:OBAMACARE HEALTH MANDATE Dean strongly supports Colorado's lawsuit to declare ObamaCare UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Dean opposes ObamaCare and favors common sense, free-market … [Read more...]

Denver’s Michael Fallon Embraces Tough Task of Retiring Diana DeGette

Last week I was privileged with the opportunity to sit down and meet Dr. Michael Fallon, the Republican candidate for Colorado's 1st Congressional District. For those in the know, that phrase typically evokes shrugs of apathy. A Republican in the 1st CD? That covers the heart of Denver. The city has been represented by the tag team of Lefty Democratic icons Pat Schroeder and Diana DeGette for a combined 37 years. Republicans has held the office for a total of one two-year term since 1946. According to the Cook Partisan Voting Index, only 49 of 435 Congressional Districts are considered more heavily Democratic. But don't think for a moment that deters the 45-year-old Fallon. "Diana DeGette is out of touch with the district," the … [Read more...]

Gallup Survey of Institutions: Congress Rock-Bottom, Presidency Falling Fast

For what it's worth, if you want a glimpse of the public mindset concerning 16 major institutions in American society, you should check out the new Gallup survey (H/T Mike Antonucci). The following are some salient observations on how favorably Americans view the 16 major institutions: … [Read more...]