37 Years of Roe v Wade: Time for Hope, Renewal to Continue Fight for Life

One day after a refreshing U.S. Supreme Court victory for free speech, today we mark the 37th anniversary of Roe v Wade -- a somber occasion for our nation. I recommend to you a well-written "In Memoriam" by Red State's Erick Erickson. A couple key passages:The truth that these children are biologically human and biologically distinct from their mothers is beyond question to anyone who believes in the most basic tenets of science. Why, then, are they declared so totally bereft of rights in our society? The fact that a woman can, with the protection of the law, kill her child on the day of its planned full-term delivery, indicates clearly that the only answer to this question is “physical location within their mother’s womb.” If a child is … [Read more...]

London Telegraph Releases New List of 100 Top Conservatives, Liberals

Just in case you missed it, an interesting and provocative series by the Telegraph of London. Following up their 2007 lists, this week they have released new lists of America's 100 Top Liberals and 100 Top Conservatives. It's sure to spark some debate from across the Pond (over-rating Matt Drudge jumps to the top of my mind) ... anyway, check it out. … [Read more...]

Kevin Miller’s National Freedom Initiative: A Reincarnation of Frank Meyer’s Fusionism?

In his latest offering, former state legislative leader Mark Hillman praises the "freedom nationally, virtue locally" National Freedom Initiative of Colorado's own Kevin Miller -- not the first time it has crossed my path. It was last year about this time I wrestled a lot with the role social conservatism should play, and something that never strays too far from my mind. Therefore, I'm very intrigued by this initiative -- which, of course, is not altogether new, but rather a very sensible clarification and reformulation for our current political context. The opportunity definitely is there: To educate many social conservatives on the vital and wholly compatible value of liberty and limited government To build a strong bridge between … [Read more...]

Monday Quick Hits: GOP Unity, Church & State, Cold Fraud of Climategate

After a busy weekend, all I have to offer are a few worthwhile reads for a Monday: Last week Craig Steiner wrote an insightful piece titled "On GOP Unity in Colorado", especially worthwhile for those who have followed the intense controversy around the "Platform for Prosperity" and misappropriated Tea Party endorsements My Independence Institute colleague Jessica Peck Corry tackles the issue of church-state boundaries and public religious displays in a new Colorado Springs Gazette column, just in time for the Christmas holiday season Compliments of The Climate Realists, Marc Sheppard at American Thinker explains the now-infamous "Hide the Decline" in the Climategate fraud: simply a must-read that only adds to the sting of an … [Read more...]

New Al Gansee: Lighthearted Reading to While Away Thanksgiving Break

No politics today, nothing that juicy or intriguing to break the fast on the eve of Thanksgiving. If you're bored over the holiday and looking for some amusing reading -- especially if you're looking to stage a new play or produce a new movie -- then check out the two-act script I completed earlier this year titled Al Gansee: The Shot Heard 'Round Cambria. The synopsis will give you the flavor:In the early 1960s, a tiny Midwestern farm community has been transformed into a Marxist workers' paradise upon the return of a charismatic native son and his Russian KGB companion. Now leading a Socialist Union that bears his name, Chief Comrade Al Gansee confronts the desire for territorial expansion and transmission of his ideals. Gansee, his … [Read more...]

A Grassroots Escape Clause in the New Colorado GOP Prosperity Platform?

So some Colorado GOP leaders have crafted a Prosperity Platform and rallied behind Scott McInnis as the gubernatorial candidate. Meanwhile, some in the grassroots remain thoroughly unconvinced and stand behind hard-working longshot Dan Maes. The issue is not the rhetoric or the substance of the 20 governing principles that has earned skepticism or even ire. It's some of the cast of characters involved that many understandably still have a hard time trusting. I'm not all the way there yet myself. What might help make the Prosperity Platform more palatable is an escape clause -- and by that I mean not for McInnis, but for us. So the issue is an agreement to fulfill the 20 principles. What happens if he is elected and then reneges, … [Read more...]

SD 16: Cheri Gerou, Don Ytterberg Out; Evergreen Businessman Tim Leonard In

The exciting opportunity for a Republican pickup in Senate District 16 with a departing incumbent Democrat Dan Gibbs has taken some interesting turns in the past week. State senate minority leader Josh Penry's most highly touted replacement was Cheri Gerou. But the HD 25 representative told me today her current seat is "where I plan to stay." So count out Gerou. Then there's Ali Hasan who, while refuting my initial speculations that he might contend, had suggested Jeffco GOP chair Don Ytterberg as a great candidate. However, Ytterberg says he has no desire to take another shot at SD 16 and is dedicated to his current work. "I made the commitment to work for the success of our party and I will do that to the best of my ability," he … [Read more...]

Josh Penry Backs Scott McInnis, GOP Unites Behind 20 Governing Principles

Word has leaked to the Grand Junction Sentinel that state senate minority leader Josh Penry will formally announce his endorsement of former rival Scott McInnis for Colorado governor. The endorsement was contingent on the McInnis formally agreeing to 20 conservative governing principles. "These are the principles that swept the GOP to victory in New Jersey in Virginia," Penry said. "And they can re-unite our Party too, and pave the way for a successful campaign and, more important, a successful governing party when the election's over and done with." Without further ado, here's the list of unified governing principles that was forwarded to Mount Virtus, a list that contains a fair amount of specificity: … [Read more...]

Ryan Frazier Touts Endorsements from Wide Range of “Influential Coloradans”

As Don at Business Word notes, the Ryan Frazier campaign yesterday touted a list of endorsements from "nearly one hundred influential Coloradans" in his bid to be the next Congressman from the 7th District. Yes, the list contains the names of some heavy-hitters -- including Phil Anschutz, Pete Coors, Attorney General John Suthers, and former Governor Bill Owens. But at least as telling to me is that Ryan Frazier has earned the support from both my friends Jessica Corry and Libby Szabo, the last two Republican candidates for state senate District 19. Why so significant? Jessica is a young up-and-comer from the more libertarian wing of the party. Libby is more of a traditional conservative and a longtime activist well known in Jefferson … [Read more...]

A Campaign Volunteer Opportunity that Gives Back to the Community

If you live in the Denver metro area, Ryan Frazier, a Republican candidate for Colorado's 7th Congressional District, is advertising a volunteer opportunity for you that does not involve stuffing envelopes, knocking on doors or waving signs. Rather, it's a way to help those in the community who are struggling during these difficult economic times:Please join us on Monday, November 23 from 9:30am - noon as we volunteer our time at the JeffCo Action Center. We will be helping to sort and box food in their warehouse 8035 W. Colfax Avenue in Lakewood. The JeffCo Action Center needs to know how many of us to expect, so please RSVP by clicking here or emailing Marc Massey at marc@frazierforcolorado.com by noon on November 20. … [Read more...]