Complete Colorado’s Real Gubernatorial Genius Takes On John Hickenlooper

First it was Tom Tancredo. Today, Complete Colorado releases the second in its creative Real Gubernatorial Genius series, featuring John Hickenlooper -- "Mr. Avoid All Controversy Until the Election's Over." Another minute well spent that is sure to crack a smile: The third and final edition featuring Dan Maes is due out on Friday. … [Read more...]

Complete Colorado’s Real Gubernatorial Genius Lampoons Tom Tancredo

Three weeks before Election Day. I can't think of a better time to lighten the mood. It almost goes without saying that it's healthy not to take political candidates (even those we may support) too seriously. In that spirit, the creative minds and voices at Complete Colorado present the first edition of "Real Gubernatorial Genius": Complete Colorado believes in equal opportunity satire (and if you're not visiting the site regularly to stay updated on all the in-state news you need to know, now is the time to change that unfortunate oversight). Having heard this edition is just the first in the series, I look forward to the sequels featuring other candidates for governor. … [Read more...]

My 2010 Colorado Ballot

It's becoming a tradition. As of this evening, I have posted online my ballot with informed recommendations based on my personal inclinations, for whatever they are worth. The online ballot includes all Colorado statewide issues and one local issue, with a discussion of each, along with the candidates for whom I plan to vote (some of which include explanations). Perhaps I should be flattered, but here's hoping you don't agree with me on every last point. Not that I take it to the extreme of one of the greatest conservative political philosophers of the 20th century, of whom William Buckley, Jr., once famously said: "As hard as it is to disagree with Harry Jaffa, it’s even harder to agree with him." Even so, I hope you find it useful. … [Read more...]

October Means It’s Time to Play Who Said You Said Billboard Scavenger Hunt

Colorado drivers, look around you. Okay, keep your eyes on the road. Of course. But if you're motoring along highways throughout the state, you may see one of the 100 famous Who Said You Said billboards spread throughout Colorado (86 in the Denver metro area and 7 each in Fort Collins and Grand Junction):The billboards invite citizens to “Stop Payment” on reckless ?spending by visiting and send “Stop Payment”? notices to those officeholders. Federal spending has ballooned to $3.7 trillion, we have a $1 trillion budget deficit and are $13 trillion in debt. Take some time today and send these representatives a “Stop Payment” notice. Breitbart TV has taken notice of the billboard campaign; why not you? If you're … [Read more...]

Enterprise Group Political Report: Some State House R Will Deliver Big Upset

In the most recent edition of The Enterprise Group Political Report ("At the Nexus of Business and Politics") email newsletter, Andrew Boucher of Boucher Strategies in Fort Collins writes:I'll make three fearless predictions for November: 1. In the state legislative races, there will be at least one absolute stunner where a Republican no one has ever heard of knocks off an incumbent Democrat no one knew was in trouble. 2. Everything down-ballot is going to swing heavily towards the Republicans. (The less a voter has been paying attention to a particular race, the more likely they'll default to the the national mood. Call it surfing the wave.) 3. Ben DeGrow is exactly right: "In this kind of generic political environment, in … [Read more...]

GOP AND Tea Party Leaders: Daniel K. Maes, Will You Please Go Now!

Denver Post headline this evening: "Maes loses support from GOP, grassroots; vows to stay in race":...Hank Brown, a former U.S. senator and former University of Colorado president, withdrew his endorsement, setting off a domino effect not only among prominent Republicans, but Maes' core, grassroots base. Tea Party leaders across the state today said in often harsh terms that they wanted Maes to drop out.... Let me explain. No... let me sum up: … [Read more...]

Magellan: Good to be Colo. Republican Not Named Maes; Reset Election Odds

The reliable in-state Magellan Strategies polling firm today released the results of last week's voter interviews on Colorado statewide races. Taking the pulse of 954 likely voters, they found not surprisingly that John Hickenlooper has a wide lead over Republican Dan Maes (and an even wider lead over third-party Tom Tancredo) -- though some small amount of Hick's support may have been eroded in the intervening few days before the latest Rasmussen poll was taken. But I'm more interested in bringing attention to the down-ticket races, which Magellan features in its top line results, as follows: Republican Attorney General John Suthers holds a commanding 47-32 lead over Democratic challenger Stan Garnett Democratic State Treasurer Cary … [Read more...]

Of Mondays and Desperate Causes

On Saturday night I watched in dread as Magglio Ordonez slid into home plate, was tagged out... but never got up. Quickly confirmed to have a fractured ankle, he had to be aided off the field. The number three hitter in my Detroit Tigers lineup, swinging the bat well again after a forgettable 2009, gone for 6 to 8 weeks (2B Carlos Guillen landed on the 15-day disabled list after the same game). A mere matter of days before the non-waiver trade deadline. A season that on the cusp of the All-Star break looked like it could be promising... you can just about write it off now. A month ago relief pitching sensation Joel Zumaya broke his arm and finished his season while pitching against Minnesota. Less than a week ago third baseman Brandon … [Read more...]

Right Online: Great Vegas Opportunity for Conservatives in New Media

Next weekend is the annual Right Online conference, sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Specifically, it will be held Friday and Saturday, July 23-24, in Las Vegas. This is a great opportunity for conservatives who want to learn how they can help neutralize the advantage the Left has accrued in new media and online tools. A lineup of great speakers is on tap -- including members of Congress Mike Pence and Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, John Fund, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and more. Registration is still open. I'm not able to make the trip (family reasons), which depending on your perspective might be all the more reason to go. But definitely give it a close look and find a great excuse to make a summertime visit to … [Read more...]

Survey: 59 Percent Say Scott McInnis Should Quit Governors’ Race

Update, 12:30 PM: Scott McInnis provides an official response to Hasan Family Foundation. Scroll down to the bottom of this post. As promised, the survey on what Scott McInnis should do closed at 9:00 this morning. In all, there were 177 participants -- including 173 registered voters, 93 percent of whom identify as Republicans and 7 percent of whom identify either as unaffiliated or third party (no Democrats participated). A brief summary of the survey results: … [Read more...]