Jeffco, Arvada Conservatives: Prepare to Vote

Jeffco, Arvada Conservatives: Prepare to Vote

Off-year elections can get easily overlooked. But this year, if you live in Jefferson County and especially Arvada, your involvement as an informed conservative voter is more important than ever. Please check out and share this sample ballot.

Thanks to others for creating the ballot, but I share their recommendations wholeheartedly. First, for the Board of Education, it comes down to three simple items to remember to vote for:

For the first time in my memory, the local Arvada City Council races feature a full slate of taxpayer-friendly, pro-transparency candidates dedicated to bringing real change at the municipal level. Check out Arvada for All the People for more information, and remember to vote for:

  • Dave Chandler for Mayor
  • Either Carl Campanella or Kathy Drulard, At-Large
  • Nancy Ford, District 1
  • Dave Palm, District 2
  • David Jones, District 4

If you can’t remember anything else, a good start is to Remember the Daves! But in any case, watch for those ballots in the mail starting next week, and please cast an informed vote.

You can also find more information on the Colorado HD27 Facebook page.

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