March 22: Week in Review

March 22: Week in Review

On Thursday I was the featured guest (via Skype interview) for the 20-minute video episode of Choice Media TV’s Reform School. Topics ranged from a teachers union contract that discriminates in favor of non-Christians to the recently reported shortcomings of the federal Race to the Top program.

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Finished One Good(read) Book This Week

  • Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball by George Will: I can’t believe it took me so long to read this book. Though the material is dated by more than two decades, Will’s fluid prose combined with a wide range of historical and (then) contemporary baseball anecdotes make for a terrific reading experience leading up to Opening Day 2014.

Top Social Media Links of the Week

  1. Read my numerous Tweets from the Jefferson County Republican Assembly #JeffcoGOP
  2. With a Cameo from Colorado’s State School Board Chair: Michelle Malkin – Revolt Against the Testing Tyrants (National Review)
  3. Suddenly Baseball Season Becomes Interesting… and Not in a Good Way: Jose Iglesias Says He Has Stress Fractures; Tigers Won’t Confirm That (Detroit News)
  4. School Readiness and Ramifications Close to Home: A Tale of Two Districts and Their Kindergarten Cut-Off Dates (Chalkbeat Colorado)

I also couldn’t pass up the chance to chime in on the media’s obsession with Flight 370, which disappeared two weeks ago today. This post stirred up a fun and lively exchange:

My working theory: The missing Malaysian jet liner has been secreted away on a man-made island fortress in the Indian Ocean after being hijacked by a band of Russian terrorists working for a rogue shadow U.S. government agency. Advanced technology has blocked the island, its extendable 1,000-foot runway, and the Boeing 777 from radar or even visible detection from farther distances. There, Dr. No has built a massive ICBM launcher with nuclear warheads designed to hold the world’s leading powers hostage for the princely sum of one million dollars. The capture of the flight, overcoming a brave but outmatched air marshal resembling Liam Neeson, was done to lure James Bond and/or Austin Powers into a dastardly trap. Meanwhile, the passengers and crew believe they are on an uninhabited island, part of an elaborate holographic scheme manipulated by Dr. No’s mysterious partner in crime, The Man in Black. Fortunately, none of the evil co-conspirators are counting on a visit from Jack Bauer. A detail or two could be wrong… Or the whole thing…. Who knows?

Twitter Verse of the Week: 2 Timothy 3:17 …that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

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