March 1: Week in Review

March 1: Week in Review

I wrote an op-ed for the Greeley Tribune titled “School Boards Push Teacher Accountability”:

Union leaders are actively challenging school principals’ newfound authority to keep the worst teachers out of their classrooms. The state legislative majority has shrunk from the chance to reward the best teachers. But some local school boards have begun to take the reins of reform.

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Top Facebook Links of the Week

  1. Exposing the True Radicals: The War on Humans by Wesley J. Smith (First Things)
  2. Leftists Say, Leftists Do: New York’s de Blasio boots charters from city space (Fox News)
  3. More Cause for Paranoia, or a Stuck Backspace Key?: Writing the Snowden Files: ‘The Paragraph Began to Self-Delete’ (The Guardian)
  4. And Then There Were Eight (Republicans)… Me Next?: Beauprez will run for Colorado governor (KDVR, Fox31)
  5. Despicable. Tenure Strikes Again: Mich. mom of fifth-grader stuck in chair says people are ‘blaming the victim’ (Detroit News)

Twitter Verse of the Week: 1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

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