February 22: Week in Review

February 22: Week in Review

From the Independence Institute

Finished One Good(read) Book This Week

  • Humility: An Unlikely Biography of America’s Greatest Virtue by David J. Bobb: I picked up the book because of the author’s Hillsdale College connection and my own acquaintance with him during my freshman year. Largely familiar with the stories of the five profiled American leaders, I nonetheless found the virtuous thread binding it together to be worthwhile and edifying.

Top Social Media Links of the Week

  1. Read my numerous Tweets from the Leadership Program of the Rockies Retreat #LPR2014
  2. Setting the Jeffco Record Straight: Jeffco Board President Witt: New superintendent should be in place by May (Chalkbeat Colorado)
  3. Because He Didn’t Build that Log Cabin He Was Born In: What would Lincoln do? Richard Brookhiser on lessons for today’s leaders (Wall Street Journal)
  4. When Was the Last Time You Sent a Handwritten Personal Letter?: Epistolary Treasures (American Magazine)

I also asked Facebook friends two questions for Presidents’ Day:

  1. Who is your favorite “unsung” U.S. President? Out of 27 unique votes, the winners were: 1) Calvin Coolidge (12.5 votes) — Fair question: Is Coolidge “unsung” anymore?; 2) James K. Polk (4 votes); 3) Harry Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower got 2 votes each.
  2. Who is your least favorite past U.S. President? Out of 35 eligible votes, the winners were: 1) Woodrow Wilson (14.5 votes); 2) Lyndon B. Johnson (6 votes); 3) Franklin D. Roosevelt (4.5 votes); 4) James Buchanan (2.5 votes); 5) Andrew Jackson (2 votes)

Twitter Verse of the Week: Psalm 115:3 Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases. http://bible.com/59/PSA115.3.ESV

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