One-Two Punch: Ads Leave a Mark on Democrat Ed Perlmutter’s Campaign

Colorado’s 7th Congressional district, where I live, covers some of the swingin’-est swing state political geography in the nation. But only recently has incumbent Democrat Ed Perlmutter‘s vulnerability become truly apparent. Just this week the national experts at the Rothenberg Political Report upgraded the chances of Perlmutter’s opponent and neighbor, likeable Republican businessman Joe Coors.

And that was before a pair of devastating ads dropped this week on the incumbent. The first came directly from the Coors campaign, truthfully exposing a pair of disturbing Perlmutter legislative votes, including opposing a bill “that would have allowed children to testify via closed-circuit television when testifying against their abusers” despite knowing it was constitutional:

The second video comes in the form of biting, laugh-out-loud satire from the brilliant gang at Revealing Politics:

“He’s a guy… He does stuff.” Indeed. Stuff like offering up lame, disprovable excuses for casting votes in favor of the rights of rapists and child abusers over their victims. That one-two punch will leave a mark. But enough of a mark to help the challenger pull off the upset? Time will tell.

Maybe it’s time for the Perlmutter campaign to create another commercial with the candidate spontaneously meeting a random voter — er, campaign worker.

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